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Should We Suffer To Appreciate Life?

  1. infodetective profile image60
    infodetectiveposted 6 years ago

    Should We Suffer To Appreciate Life?

  2. acharltongriffin profile image40
    acharltongriffinposted 6 years ago

    To appreciate something means to be fully aware of the level of its value.  Therefore, I do believe we should suffer in order to appreciate life.  It's not thrilling; and many things in life have tried to desensitize the masses to recognizing life's value, but I think it's a part of of the cycle.

    A spoiled child has difficulty appreciating hard work.  A spouse who's always gotten their way in their marriage can cease to appreciate their partner for who she/he is.  A little pain goes a long way, oddly enough.

  3. Iontach profile image84
    Iontachposted 6 years ago

    Yes I think we should and I think we have to.
    It's only during the bad times that we realise how good the good times are.

  4. AnAmazingBeing profile image60
    AnAmazingBeingposted 6 years ago

    the question is not whether we should suffer, but what is suffering.. You must understand the subjective view of the individual to understand what constitutes struggling in their eyes.

  5. Coach Julie profile image59
    Coach Julieposted 6 years ago

    Should we suffer?  I don't believe anyone should suffer.  If we are able to appreciate life without suffering that would be ideal.  However, it seems most of us tend to take things for granted until we suffer.  From that suffering, hopefully, comes a realization of what we've been missing out on and we start to appreciate life more.  My hope is that one day everyone will appreciate life without having to suffer.