Is using stones/gemstones to heal witchcraft?

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  1. ii3rittles profile image79
    ii3rittlesposted 7 years ago

    Is using stones/gemstones to heal witchcraft?

    I am looking for more "all natural" healing ways, but DO NOT want to do witchcraft by any means! So is using stones/gemstones for healing witchcraft? Is God ok with this?

  2. Riah Herblover profile image59
    Riah Herbloverposted 7 years ago

    Does God think it's okay for you to listen to the radio?

    The radio has quartz in it. It's a natural for transmuting audible frequencies.

    Each mineral has its own frequency.

    For example, you've heard about copper being good for arthritis?

    God put these items here for our use.

    Personally, I think he would feel better about us using the natural frequencies in minerals and gemstones then he would every time we bit into a burger.

    It's as natural as a massage, or using chamomile to relax.

    Go for it. I hope you feel better. :}

  3. 1morning profile image60
    1morningposted 7 years ago

    The only way to really know what is "witchcraft" is to do some research on it - and you would need to be a witch!  All healing comes from God, so as long as you are using your gifts for good you will be fine.

  4. Corrie Lamprecht profile image73
    Corrie Lamprechtposted 7 years ago

    NO, absolutely not.  Our physical bodies are also closely linked to our metaphysical body.  Our whole existence is linked to the Universe.  Our bodies are bombarded with cosmic radiation at all times, every moment, every day and everyplace. Each kind of mineral (including gemstones) has a specific frequency on which it vibrates.  This can even be verified by normal scientific instruments or by building the very common crystal radios.  Today we are also bombarded by all sorts of human created Electromagnetic noise form phones, radios, TV, etc.  These are somewhat damaging to our systems.

    The use of crystals or gemstones is a very subtle way to try and balance natural frequencies (vibrations) in a specific location on your body.  In addition, the therapy is (Should be) usually in a very special prepared room; one where you can relax and find your inner balance; on its own that is a very powerful part of the treatment.

  5. your cybersister profile image60
    your cybersisterposted 7 years ago

    I don't consider any type of natural healing witchcraft. To me witchcraft involves the casting of spells, while gemstones, copper, magnets, and such are things found in nature with certain healing abilities.  Since these items are found naturally I assume they were created with the Earth, so I don't see how using them for good (not evil) could upset God.

  6. nipnapcreations profile image60
    nipnapcreationsposted 7 years ago

    It is a practice known and used in wiccan belief. I don't think God would oppose using natural things of the earth, stones and what not, to heal you or provide you with the pseudo feeling of healing.

  7. plinka profile image51
    plinkaposted 7 years ago

    Alternative medicine is ok (herbal medicine, acupuncture, etc.), but using gems doesn' t make any sense, they have no any effects, so it doesn' t really matter if you consider it a witchcraft or not, it's senseless.

  8. profile image0
    vperryposted 7 years ago

    I believe in the "power" to heal and I do believe in stones (especially crystals) to heal and relieve us of negative energies that surround us.  I do, however, believe in God, pray to God (spirit as I say) and believe that witchcraft is nothing but negative, bad and shadow energy.  I do not work with any form of witchcraft, nor would I.  God is okay with the use of gemstones, in fact, there wouldn't be any stones, crystals or metals without God.  smile

    A swami friend of mine is an alchemist as well - I trust she wouldn't be if she thought God was not okay with it.

  9. Brandon Martin profile image74
    Brandon Martinposted 6 years ago

    Using stones/gemstones to heal is certainly not witchcraft. Witchcraft is a practice and belief dealing with spirituality, whereas healing with stones/gemstones only deals with your physical body and the energy running throughout the stones/gemstones' effect on your magnetic field of energy/chakras...


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