Could I be pregnant even with 3 neg test (mum did with me though) birth control

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    leahunipegsposted 6 years ago

    Could I be pregnant even with 3 neg test (mum did with me though) birth control but all the sypmtoms

    hi. I been having sypmtoms of pregnancy. I am on birth control n have had had 3 preg tests by the gp all neg. my mum had neg tests with me n my sis. if am preg I shud b 20weeks as had cystitus(which I heard is common among preg women) n me bf stoped sex as obviously it hurt due to the infection. n last time had full sex b4 cystitus wudave been dec 2010)n startin to show a slight roundness too stomach. my mum bf n me been talking and we going too leave another month as could be nothing if carries on going to get scan. even gp asked wether was preg whn had cystitus but tested neg. should I wait

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    akanga1posted 6 years ago

    It is very unlikely that you are pregnant. Unlike old tests, modern pregnant tests are very sensitive and very rarely give false negative tests. You have not said whether you have missed your periods all those months. If you have, you need to be seen promptly for tests to find out why you are not having periods because pregnancy isn't the only cause of that. If you have been having your periods normally and have had negative pregnancy tests three times, you can be sure you are not pregnant.

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    leahunipegsposted 6 years ago

    thanks. i am on pill n periods r regular. i dont know about my natural ones. i use yazmin pill. doc did do pill check as have been on it for 2yrs now. when found out about cystitus i actually bled quite badly after sex. went to docs as obviously any bleeding concern. all came back fine just prob bit rough. but then week or two after had really bad pains very simular to periods but alot worse n abdominal cramps. went back to docs had another urine test and came back positive for cystitus(reason for this being slight tear in vagina that gt infected etc). i not ready for child and keeping eye just in case but i do not think i am. i did have urine problems whn was baby and had jaundice because of blood clash with mum n dad. could this be reason of the repeat cystitus n pains i gt in lower region. if so should i go back too my doc.