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How can I get motivated?

  1. HannahRiley profile image58
    HannahRileyposted 6 years ago

    How can I get motivated?

    Is there anything that helps you get motivated in the morning? I am the worst procrastinator....

  2. Dr. Haddox profile image80
    Dr. Haddoxposted 6 years ago

    HannahRiley, you are a young, beautiful person who has the world before her. Your picture gives me the impression that you are "full of life" and that you have so much "Joy" in your life. When I see your smile I see a person who has so much to give and so much to live for.
    Conside my life for example, I am older now, I am not is the best of health, and I suffer pain and I am weak from an illness that I suffered last month that could have cost me my life. Yet, when I get up in the morning, I am so thinkful that I have this "Hope" that I will be able to do a good work, because my days are really, really numbered and few to come.
    Now, do you feel a bit more motivated? I love you, the world loves you, God loves you. This is your time to enjoy your life and to make the most of each day. It has been great answering your question. "As you go, Peace."
    Dr. Haddox

  3. abrarr profile image60
    abrarrposted 6 years ago

    Praying regularly..watching movies..listening good music...roming aimlessly with my friends

  4. JP993 profile image90
    JP993posted 6 years ago

    First you must know what you want, these can be little things to big things. If you want to have a great day ask yourself "how can you have a great day?" your answers may be, I need to feel energetic, I need to be happy, I need to feel great, so now you know what you want and how you need to feel to have agreat day, so now do what you need to do to feel those things. Listen to up lifting music first thing in the morning, dress better, eat healthier, bingo!

  5. hypnothusiast profile image61
    hypnothusiastposted 6 years ago

    Listen to your favorite song, eat breakfast and do positive affirmations!