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Do you know of any natural flea remmedy for cats and dogs?

  1. Cat R profile image77
    Cat Rposted 6 years ago

    Do you know of any natural flea remmedy for cats and dogs?

  2. healthywebsites profile image57
    healthywebsitesposted 6 years ago

    Good Question! We tried everything and the only really natural remedies and control methods are the labor intensive ones: vacuuming, brushng pet with flea comb, washing pet and all bedding frequently. You can get a handle on the flea life cycle this way. It is important for flea control to cover all stages of the flea life cycle from eggs to adult fleas.
    For a good article on natural flea contol visit http://www.orangecountyhealth.com

  3. nikki_m profile image83
    nikki_mposted 6 years ago

    Getting the fleas all out of the house is half the fight. If you live out in the country, long grass can be a haven for fleas. I've found that (where it won't damage your furniture or floors) pine sol seems to work well in cleaning up the house. For clothes, rugs, or other things that you don't want to put pine sol on, putting it through the wash, or setting it sit in the sun for a while (I might add putting it in a black trash bag for good measure) can get the fleas out of that stuff. They sun cooks them, so they run.
    I use fresh garlic, chopped up, and give it to my animals once a month to prevent fleas (and worms, and ticks, it's a natural antiparisitic!). Garlic oil, I've heard, works too, but I prefer the fresh chopped stuff. If the animals already have fleas, then you will probably have to give it to them more often (I started using it daily for about 5 days, and after that, just monthly like the normal flea medicines). It might make your animals stink, but as far as I've experienced, that's the only drawback!

  4. NotTooTall profile image85
    NotTooTallposted 6 years ago

    Hi Cat R,
    Besides combing the litter buggars off, my friend swears by using peppermint (instead of smelly garlic).
    You can get peppermint shampoo for pets as an effective and safe product to battle the problem.
    Hope this helps.
    N T T

  5. ShootersCenter profile image74
    ShootersCenterposted 6 years ago

    Use Borax laundry soap in your carpet let it set a few hours put moth balls in your vac and bathe your animals weekly. If you do this for 3-4 weeks you'll break the cycle.