Is extremely bad memory any kind of sign of Alzheimers or future problems?

  1. funmontrealgirl profile image64
    funmontrealgirlposted 6 years ago

    Is extremely bad memory any kind of sign of Alzheimers or future problems?

    I ask because my brother has EXTREMELY bad memory. I mean, he forgets names and what he did days before sometimes. He is only 27, never did drugs or anything. He is brilliant at times, but I find it incredibly disturbing he could forget which movie he saw the next day. He is super successful at his job. Is athletic and an all around nice guy. But this seems odd.

  2. Gabriel Wilson profile image94
    Gabriel Wilsonposted 6 years ago

    Alzheimer's can affect younger people too, especially if there is a family history. Personally I know quite a few people with bad memories, short term memories. These days with our busy lives it can also be a result of having far too many things to remember. Important things to do with work or family will take priority over a persons name or a movie. I can't tell you the number of times I've forgotten what I had for dinner the day before or went to the supermarket for a particular thing, only to forget what it was when I get there. Stress or tiredness can also affect the memory.
    The only way to know for sure is visiting your doctor. There's all kinds of medication to slow the process down.
    Perhaps your brother just has a very busy life as you say he's super successful at his job and simply doesn't remember things that aren't important simply because they aren't important and don't really matter to him.

  3. ethane profile image61
    ethaneposted 6 years ago

    I am only 22 and I had extreme memory loss. I was always busy with a million things on my brain. This could be the cause. I recommend him trying some all natural memory builders like Nutrillite Memory Builder. This is what I take right now and it is working for me. If you or him want to learn more about it just shoot me an email or email me here on hub pages.