How can we relief our can we live in peace n forget our pain?

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    faria_lupinposted 6 years ago

    How can we relief our can we live in peace n forget our pain?

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    Jlbowdenposted 6 years ago


    Pain is unfortunately something that most of us must endure for most of our lives, whether it is acute, chronic, or even emotional pain which occurs with the loss of something or someone precious in our lives. Sometimes it is something we just have to live and deal with. It's part of the human make-up, because in the eyes of our creator we are all created imperfect, so being imperfect like all are, we will feel pain from time to time. While Jesus was here on earth, as a humam fullfilling his ministry, he also experienced much grief and pain as well. Possibly if we all try not to focus on ourselves so much and try to partake in activities that keep our minds off of our pain, such as hobbies or meditation, than that in essence will assist us with the pain that we may currently be suffering with. We can live in peace and forget about our pain, if we start by reading the Bible chapter each day, or something else that is spiritually related.  And if we incessantly pray about the pain to go away; whether it be physical or emotional that we are dealing with, than eventually this overall will be less of a burden on our bodies.  Hoped I helped answer your question somewhat.  The best!