Do you have any low carb recipes for sweets?

  1. cre8ivOne profile image75
    cre8ivOneposted 6 years ago

    Do you have any low carb recipes for sweets?

  2. AnishG profile image58
    AnishGposted 6 years ago

    Great resource you might wanna check: … sserts.htm

    Has recipes of
    * Sugar-Free Lemon Curd
    * Low Carb Chocolate Ganache (for Truffles or Sauce)
    * Microwave Apple Almond Dessert
    * Sugar-Free Raspberry Chiffon Squares
    and more.

    Hope you find it useful.

  3. Island Hopper profile image58
    Island Hopperposted 6 years ago

    I take the recipe from Better Homes and Garden for peanut butter cookies (peanuts=protein) and replace the all purpose flour with a lower carb gluten free all purpose flour and sweeten it with 1-2 Tbsp or more (I make 1/2 recipe) of honey and a few packets of stevia.

    You could probably alter many recipes with a lower carb flour (whether that be whole wheat, kamut, or some gluten free flour, low carb milks like almond (I like Blue Diamond) or coconut, and sweeten it with the best low glycemic natural sweeteners (stevia, wood sugars like erythritol) and maybe a little honey, but honey is not as low glycemic. Some people like agave, but some doctors and nutritionist say agave is as bad as corn syrup. Anyway, hope that helps.