I am 23 years old, Do I have any problem towards sex?

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    ramas197posted 6 years ago

    I am 23 years old,  Do I have any problem towards sex?

    I am 23 years  My parents want me to get married. But I am not matured enough about sex and have fears about it. I don’t know clearly about man-woman relationship and don’t feel excitement when watching an adult picture on TV.  Do I have any problem towards sex?  3.    My blood group is ‘O’ +ve. Which blood groups are suitable for me. If I marry a person whose blood group doesn’t suit me, what problems will we face? 4.    After marriage, how will I realize that I’m going to be a mother, other than  ‘vomiting’. 5.    If I abort my first child, will I face any problem later to carry another child?

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    fertilityramasposted 6 years ago

    Your blood group is very normal and wonderful! You can marry anyone with any blood group !!

    It is good to plan everything in life. That is one major reason why Europe and north America are so ahead of us in most things. So begin planning your life, your marriage and your conception as well. As long as you do not wish to conceive, you can use oral pills in consultation with  your doctor which should happen before your wedding. Condom too is simple and safe but accidents do occur and some people do not know and understand the right way of putting it on and managing it when it is on! His and even your doctor is supposed to know this well. So, you have the privilege and option of planning your child when you want one. It is for you to exercise it or squander it !

    There is so much progress in science today. Your doctor can now confirm your pregnancy within 7-10 days of you missing your period on the regular expected date for about a hundred rupees. ‘vomitings’ come much later. Since you have received this much counseling, and as you would be seeing your doctor soon in person, there is no reason for you to worry about an abortion. For all those who do not wish a conception, prevention is the best and most pleasant option. Usually it is only those who are careless or indecisive that contemplate an abortion after conception. 

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