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How does where you live affect your quality of life?

  1. NiaG profile image90
    NiaGposted 6 years ago

    How does where you live affect your quality of life?

  2. Carlon Michelle profile image68
    Carlon Michelleposted 6 years ago

    If you ever wondered how ones environment effect their quality of life. Here is the answer through one writers point of view that you may be surprised to see you agree with. read more

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    lavender3957posted 6 years ago

    That is a real good question here. I live in a jealous, drama, competitive neighborhood. It is full of he said/she said. It has affected my quality of life to where I stay to myself and don't even want to go outside to do anything without one of the neighbors coming over and starting the Oh, did you hear? We are looking to move for it is getting out of hand with the drama.

  4. NiaG profile image90
    NiaGposted 6 years ago

    I live in a very small town. There are amazing values here and good people from wonderful families. Do you feel the "but" coming on? Here it comes. But I'm no longer happy here. I'm not originaly from a small town. I'm originally from a large one that offers a plethora of things to do and see. And through the course that my life has taken me I've gone from a large to medium to small sized town.

    For a while it was fine but to an outgoing person such as myself life begins to feel non-existant. The walls tend to feel like they are closing in. I feel myself slowly but surely becoming someone I'm not. A homebody. And the toll it has taken on me is starting to make me not even want to leave the house. Naturally I try to make the best of my situation but I'm a single girl living in an area where everyone pretty much is married with a family or older than myself.

    So without a doubt I know for a fact that your surroundings can affect your quality of life. It's diminishing mine and I have no choice but to find somewhere else to live in order to get my true self back. Which not a lot of people are able to just pick up and go so I'm very fortunate in that aspect.