Your intriguing fairy tale- do tell?

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    IntimatEvolutionposted 6 years ago

    Your intriguing fairy tale- do tell?

    I love fairy tales.

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    suzettenaplesposted 6 years ago

    I lived a fairytale year when I was twenty-five years old.  I lived in Wurzburg, Germany and taught English/Journalism for the Department of Defense Dependents' Schools.  It was a year full of romance and intrigue as the man I was in a relationship with supposedly was a Warrent Officer for the Army.   He was my knight in shining armour as we visited all different castles and wineries in the Franconia area or region of Germany.  He even whisked me away to the Italian Dolomite Alps for a ski holiday at Christmas. We visited the lake region in Bavaria and many a romantic boat and canoe ride I took with him.   We cruised down the Rhine River romantically gazing into each other's eyes and even passed the Lorilei unscathed.  One evening, while driving in the German countryside in his Alfa Romeo convertible, we were shot at (real gun and real bullets)  and he gallantly shoved me to the floor of the car so I would not be shot or hurt.  He trembled as he tried to explain why someone would be shooting at us with real guns.  This was the first inkling to me that perhaps things were not all as they appeared to be. But, alas, a few more months went by before I found out, my knight in shining armour turned out to be not a Warrent Officer, but an officer working in military intelligence for the Army and I had been his assignment.  You see, the Army could not figure out how one small teacher from Ohio could have so many friends and family visit her while she lived in Europe, and literally thought I might be a spy.  You can imagine my surprise and the Army's surprise when after a lengthly investigation, they concluded I was just a small teacher from Ohio working for the Department of Defense Dependents' Schools.  Is our miitary paranoid or what?  Alas, my knight turned out to be a frog.  But, I have lived happily ever after with some great memories and moments from a fairytale year in Germany and have never regretted a thing that happened that year.  (wink, wink)    A memoir by Mata Hari  (aka suzettenaples)

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    tsmogposted 6 years ago

    Funny you should ask this question. I was just thinking about a hub on the fairy tales that affected my life. I had in mind Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyon, Pecos Bill and others. Though American fables or fairy tales, those were what I dwelt on this morning. Although it may not be a fable, I also toss in the devil and Robert Johnson at the 'Crossroads.' There are many American fables and fairy tales too! A look here and we find a list of American Folklore.

    Off my head, the one that stood out the most this morning while I pounded the keys entering data at work was Johnny Appleseed. Followed by 'Crossroads,' since I was listening to Blues guitar (Sat morn is electric) on the net. Yeah, Maybe I will creat my own fable about a blues guitarist going about planting 'apple seeds.' Yeah!