How to prepare when you're about to be a dad 5 months from now?

  1. kineticsolutions profile image56
    kineticsolutionsposted 6 years ago

    How to prepare when you're about to be a  dad 5 months from now?

  2. debbie roberts profile image81
    debbie robertsposted 6 years ago

    Nothing can prepare you fully, just expect the unexpected and know that your life will never be the same again....Also don't forget to be there to support your other half, as becoming a new mum isn't easy either.
    Goodluck and I'm sure you'll know what to do at the time.

  3. puter_dr profile image87
    puter_drposted 6 years ago

    The only preparation is to put yourself on a footing to where you can be the best father you can be.
    If you are employed, then do what you can to keep your job or improve on it.
    If you aren't employed, then try and find a job so you can support your child.

    Look for things to do to baby proof your home. If you have guns, either make sure they are in a safe, or store them outside of your home.

    Love your child. Make sure that child knows that his or her father will be there when they need you.
    If the situation allows it, be there for the mother. Do what you can to make her feel comfortable and secure.