Do you believe that ABORTION is pre meditated murder?

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  1. profile image35
    LORD ENKIposted 7 years ago

    Do you believe that ABORTION is pre meditated murder?

  2. Ruchi Urvashi profile image69
    Ruchi Urvashiposted 7 years ago

    Yes, I agree that abortion is planned murder. However, the person is not punished like murderer.

  3. How To Hub profile image56
    How To Hubposted 7 years ago

    Once you are pregnant you have a new life forming , a little girl or boy we start to love, talk to and plan for . When I had a miscarriage I cried for the loss of my babies .
    If you have someone kill that baby for you that is murder as it is a living breathing baby relying on you as the mother to care for him/her until they are born not have it killed .
    You get away with killing a baby at this age , go to jail if you wait till he or she is born
    There is a poem called " the day my mother killed me " which is heart breaking to read .

  4. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 7 years ago

    Yes. By the time the woman knows she is pregnant, the embro has become a fetus. Which means it is no longer a seemingly bland egg. It has started to grow and turned into a creation from a woman's body. By the time she has decided if she wants the baby or is possible to get an abortion, there is a heart beat. It is no longer just a cluster of cells and it is only a cluster of cells for a short time. That short time is before the woman even knows she has something changing inside of her. When the fetus has a heart beat, there is blood pumping in the baby. However, the baby is no longer apart of the mother, he only demands on the mother for survival. Why I consider him apart from the mother is because the blood pumping in the baby's veins is not the mothers blood. He has his own individual heartbeat and blood.
    Sometimes the babies blood is considered wrong by the mother's body and her body attacks the baby because it is not used to a child. 
    Also consider what happens during an abortion. The woman's womb is SCRAPED clean. This could cause some irritation and possible scaring. When the womb is scared it is not possible for another egg to stick and grow. So even if she wants a child in her future, she might not be able to have another baby. Choose wisely.

  5. Captain Redbeard profile image61
    Captain Redbeardposted 7 years ago

    Yes I think so. I personally know three woman that have had abortions. None of them were raped, all of them could financially support the child. It was simply done for convience.

    One of them had it because she wanted to finish school before she had any kids. She was going for an early childhood development degree to be a teacher to elementary kids. She now is a secretary for a car company and can't fathom being a teacher. Funny how her attitude changed about wanting to be around kids all the time after she had her baby cut up and pulled out of her. 

    One of them already had four and didn't thinks she could support another one. Her and her husband decided it was for the best and did it. 7 months later they purposly got pregnant because the guilt was driving them crazy. They have 5 now and are financially doing just fine.

    The other was married and didn't think her husband wanted any kids so she had one. Their marriage ended in divorce and she is now remarried and getting another divoce. Her life has been a downward spiral since having hers.

    I am against abortion because of what I have seen it do to people and for the fact and I live in America. Our first right of three is life. The right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Abortion steals our first right.

    I am against abortion because it is murder. Period.

  6. gmwilliams profile image82
    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    It depends upon the stage of abortion.  If a woman decides to have an abortion in the earliest stages, before the first trimester ends, no it is not murder.  It is just a clump of cells.  However, in the later stages, in the second trimester, it is murder.   

    Abortion is a highly contentious issue.  However, abortion rights must be protected as no woman should be made to endure an unwanted pregnancy.   Forcing a woman to endure an unwanted pregnancy is inhumane and is not respecting her human rights.  Each woman has the unmitigated right to control her reproductive destiny.   Furthermore, each pregnancy should be wanted and planned for.

    What many clueless pro-lifers fail to understand is that unwanted pregnancies are detrimental to women mentally, emotionally, and psychologically.  To compel a woman to be pregnant is reproductive slavery.  It is THE WOMAN'S choice to elect to decide HER reproductive destiny, NO ONE ELSE has the right to decide.

    It is quite ironic that the loudest voices who are anti-abortion are MEN.  Men don't get pregnant, it is WOMEN who get pregnant.  If a woman is not ready to become a mother or if she does not want a child, she has a right to terminate the pregnancy, preferrably at the earliest stages of the pregnancy. 

    However, abortion should be the last resort as there is contraception available.  There should be more responsible use of contraception, instead of being irresponsible and then resorting to abortion as a result of pregnancy.  If there was a more responsible use of contraception, the percentage of abortion would significantly increase. 

    Yes, I believe in abortion, particularly in the early stages.  I also believe in abortion in cases of incest and rape.  I also believe that young women, teenagers and young adults, should NEVER be penalized for making a mistake.  They should have abortion access.   The negative attitude towards abortion is underlying misogyny i.e. if a woman has sex, she should be pregnant, shut up and put up although she had made a mistake.  This attitude is a remnant of the puritanitical ethic that good women save themselves and have sanctioned and it is the bad girls who have unsanctioned sex and they should suffer for it!


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