Has anyone ever suffered from shoulder bursitis?

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  1. wordscribe43 profile image90
    wordscribe43posted 7 years ago

    Has anyone ever suffered from shoulder bursitis?

    I am not kidding, I am miserable.  I went to the doctor about 10 days ago after suffering from severe shoulder pain for a week.  She gave me Diclofenac, a strong non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine.  She said it works quite well on bursitis, but if it's not better in a week or two to come back.  Well, it's not better and it's been nine days. 

    Of course I will go back if it keeps hurting.  But, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and how long it took to get better.  I can't stand it anymore, I can't even pick up a cup of coffee without screaming!

  2. Dr. Aaron LeBauer profile image69
    Dr. Aaron LeBauerposted 7 years ago

    If the Diclofenac didn't reduce your pain or symptoms, you definitely do not have inflammation and bursitis means inflammation of the bursa, which is a fluid filled sac that cushions and protects part of your joint.  Often "bursitis" is the term used for pain in a joint when the problem is really a muscle pain and spasm. 

    Did your physician touch your shoulder and test it and reproduce your symptoms?  Did you have an x-ray or MRI for the diagnosis?

    I would strongly suggest an evaluation with a physical therapist, preferably a therapist that specializes in manual physical therapy and soft tissue manipulation/massage.  You probably do not need a referral, but should contact the PT office of your choice and ask them what they need.  You can probably be seen very soon.

  3. wordscribe43 profile image90
    wordscribe43posted 7 years ago

    She did touch it, mostly did strength and ROM tests.  She told me if I end up having to come back, they'd do more exploratory tests.  So, no... she didn't give me an x-ray or MRI.  She's just my regular primary care physician...  I am pretty sure our insurance requires a PT referral, frankly I'm dying to go see one.  I noticed you ARE one, too bad I don't live in NC, huh? 

    After rest it will get a little bit better, but the minute I use it in any way, shape or form it become a-n-g-r-y.  Anyway, thanks for your reply...  Have a good weekend.

  4. profile image0
    Dr Mohamed Rabieposted 7 years ago

    I agree with Dr. Aaron LeBauer with his opinion. And, I think you shouldn't get annoyed this way.
    You have mentioned that you haven't improved yet. And, you also mentioned that you have pain during picking up a cup of coffee. You may have neuropathy or something like that. Is your pain persistent? Do you suffer from numbness?


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