Is there a better detox programme than the fruits only program?

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    Bizik Addposted 6 years ago

    Is there a better detox programme than the fruits only program?

    I have decided to try a fruits-only-diet for about a week as a detox programme. Is there a better detox programme than the fruits only???? I have the impression that juice only fasts are way too radical!

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    woodamarcposted 6 years ago

    I personally hate fruit detox programs.  Only because my will power to stay on them is horrible.  I know me and it won't work for any long duration. 

    For me, If I want to get my body back in balance I drink lots of water (2quarts/day), include more fruits and vegetables throughout the day.  But this is not the only thing I put into my body ( I'm more selective throughout the day with balanced natural/healthy meal choices).  I also like to mix it up if I get hungry in-between with protein shakes and trail mix type snacks.  For my body type, I need to feed it healthy and consistently to slowly detox it.  I also consume food sources dense with fiber.  About 5-10grams per drink serving/1-2 day for example.  If this doesn't get things moving, I don't know what will.

    And I also take V&M's sup's twice per day (morning/night).  Within this supplement mix, I ensure I use a good probiotic (good digestive bacteria - part of my detox program).

    It also depends on how long your detox program might be and what your trying to accomplish.  I've tried liquid and fruits "only" cleansing and I just don't stick with it because bodies "in general" crave other food intake, i.e., carbs, proteins and fats.  To starve the body of these types of calories tend to create other types of mental-physical stresses.

    I'd rather balance out my detox program with healthier food choices and include daily exercise.  Not a big fan of fruits (I do know their extremely good for me - I do eat them, but could not make it an "only program"). 

    I don't have much success with any type of "only" program.  So that means, It'll take longer for me to detox (also weight loss) by balancing out my healthy "natural" food choices, more water, supplementation and exercise to detox my system, but I won't suffer for lack of food cravings.

    This works for me.

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      Bizik Addposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks woodamarc, this was really helpful. I introduced more water and fruits + veggies in my diet and lost 3kgs in 2 months without looking all sickly. I also walk some, during the week. This seems to be working real good. I will keep at it. Updates