Natural Remedies Versus Modern Medicine to Fight the Common Cold: Whic

  1. writepro profile image60
    writeproposted 9 years ago

    Which is the better way to fight the common cold, natural remedies or modern medicine? Because of your lifestyle, you would probably choose modern medicine as your answer. However, there is an increasingly large amount of research that suggests that natural remedies could be better.

    If natural remedies are better ways to fight the common cold versus modern medicine, then what do you use to fight colds? Modern medicines use injections and prescriptions that actually do not fight viruses. Mostly, the medications used to treat the common cold do nothing to treat your cold. They simply make you feel better until your natural immune system makes you well. That’s why it is said that there is no cure for the common cold.

    When you fight colds with natural remedies, you begin to help your body build its own immunity to the virus. When you take Echinacea at the very beginning of your cold, you help your immune system begin to ward off all foreign viruses. If you combine Echinacea with Goldenseal, you make your immune system even stronger. Most often you can buy these natural products in one medication. Be sure to consult your physician before you take any medications—natural or otherwise.

    Take Echinacea and Goldenseal as directed on the label of your package. You can buy these natural herbs online or at most good health-food stores. Remember, Echinacea destroys good bacteria. Therefore, do not take it for more than 7 to 10 days, and you need to continue to use elderberry extract and probiotics during the time you are taking Echinacea.

    Add to these natural virus fighters another powerful herb, garlic. Garlic if a great infection fighter and helps fight congestion, too. When you feel like you have to struggle to catch your breath, be sure that goldenseal is included in your remedy. Raw goldenseal can be used, and a small amount on your tongue will have you breathing better almost immediately. There is one small problem, however. It tastes awful, but if you can stand the taste, it will clear your chest and nasal cavities so you can breathe better.

    Always a powerful cold fighter is essential oils (covered in another article). Diffuse essentials in the areas you and your family spend the most time. Essential oils are great for your pets, too. Also, there are some great, all natural, cough remedies available. Look online for them.

    Natural remedies versus modern medicine to fight the common cold and which is better can help you over come your maladies. You now have some evidence to determine which you choose. Add to these all natural means of staying healthy you can add a diet of all natural foods. Eating healthy and keeping your immune system built can help you combat most flu and cold bacteria. As always, eat healthy my friends.

  2. Pearldiver profile image78
    Pearldiverposted 9 years ago

    You have been a member of HubPages now for eleven months; yet during that period you have no published hubs on show.

    Dress up this post and publish it. If so, you have your first hub; which I would hope would be the first of many. smile

  3. JulietduPreez profile image70
    JulietduPreezposted 9 years ago

    I believe that all types of "healing" have their place. Different people respond better to different "treatments".
    Having said that, prevention is better than cure - and prevention usually means a natural method...


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