Help with a dukan diet 2week meal plan

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    angel2006cposted 6 years ago

    Help with a dukan diet 2week meal plan

    just wondering if anyone could please help me out with a two dukan diet meal plan for breakfast lunch and dinner as ive quit smoking 6months ago and put on a bit of weight and iam going away in a few weeks and would like to loose a bit of weight I find I cant do it without a proper meal plan to follow tried by using this website but find im a bit dumb would be greatly appreciated if anyone could please HELP me out

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    Amber Allenposted 6 years ago

    Hi Angel

    The Dukan Diet isn't intended to be used as a two week diet it is a four phased diet plan.  The first two phases of the diet are the weight loss phases and the last two phases are where you learn to keep the weight off for good.

    The two weight loss phases are Attack and Cruise and how long you follow the Attack Phase depends on how much weight you need to lose.  You then follow the Cruise Phase until you reach your target weight.  This means that the first two weeks of the diet are not the same for everyone.


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    angel2006cposted 6 years ago

    i realise this i have brought the book but iam having trouble understanding it i need to loose about 15kg which i thought would be about 2weeks on the attack phrase this is why i was asking for help  if you could help me out with just a basic menu it would be greatly appreciated