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Is sleeping too much bad for your health?

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    serge2012posted 6 years ago

    Is sleeping too much bad for your health?

  2. BizGenGirl profile image85
    BizGenGirlposted 6 years ago

    Well, I would've just said "yes". However, that wouldn't be a long enough answer, lol. So to give you a bit more detail, sleeping to much can mess with your melatonin and seritonin levels, as well as your natural cirrcadium rhythm, which can lead to depression among other things.

  3. jlr4876 profile image58
    jlr4876posted 6 years ago

    Sleeping too much isn't nearly as bad as not sleeping enough, which can cause physical and mental issues not limited to fatigue and hallucinations.  But, sleeping too much can get your body used to being less active, and this will make it more difficult to become a more active and productive person if you wish to in the future.  Also, metabolism changes accompany sleep patterns, so I recommend between 7-9 hours each night for optimum health and performance.

  4. luse profile image74
    luseposted 6 years ago

    I'm sure there is a scientific reason as to why sleeping too much is bad for you. But in my honest opinion, how does NOT being tired hurt your health?

    Oh, I'm sure going to work everyday extremely tired, intuitively, would be worse for your health than sleeping too much. Right? I mean, you could fall onto the train tracks!