What have been your experiences with e-cigarettes?

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  1. sholland10 profile image91
    sholland10posted 6 years ago

    What have been your experiences with e-cigarettes?

    Are they healthier?  Are there benefits?  How about downfalls?  If using one, how do you feel, better or the same?

  2. ithabise profile image81
    ithabiseposted 6 years ago

    I don't smoke, so I'm not really answering this question. I'm just laughing because I found one of these on my walk to work the other morning. At first I thought it was a very nice pen, but then it became something completely alien to me. Just a tubular barrel that I couldn't get apart with a pinhole on one end--that's all. I saw the name on it...something like BlueCig or so and the website; but I would've been high myself to believe that what I was holding was a cigarette. So I tossed it and have wondered about ever since. Now your question enlightens me (and a little Wikipedia). Thanks!

  3. mvaivata profile image59
    mvaivataposted 6 years ago

    The reviews I've heard on e-cigarettes are mixed.  From everything I've read, they are certainly a healthier option.  However, from the experiences of some of my friends, I can say that the biggest downside when using them to quit smoking is that they are not as strong as regular cigarettes.  For most, this would be considered an upside.  Unfortunately, if you are trying to quit smoking, this may result in simply giving up.  I do think that they have a lot of potential for those who smoke, and it's been a while since the last time I heard anything, so they may have improved since I last heard about them.

  4. Seeker7 profile image94
    Seeker7posted 6 years ago

    As a smoker using e-cigarettes to wean myself off the regular ciggies I would say that they are much healthier. When using the e's my throat and mouth are not so dry and you don't have an awful taste in your mouth. 

    I was interested in what mvaivata said about her friends. The strengths can be very weak if you buy the lowest dose of nicotine, but you should be able to buy much higher strengths to ensure that you don't suffer withdrawals.

    All in all I would say that they are worth a try although they might not work for everyone. Firstly you do not inhale the millions of various chemicals as you do with ordinary cigarettes and this is not a problem as it's only the nicotine that's addictive. you don't inhale or breath out any harmful smoke. Some of the e-cigarettes do have smoke like an ordinary cigarette, but this is harmless and has no odour. 

    One other thing I would say, is to please watch where you buy your e-cigarette kits. There are some excellent sites but there are others that people seem to be having problems with the kits working. I would read the customer reviews before purchase. Hope this helps a bit.

  5. gerrywalker profile image64
    gerrywalkerposted 6 years ago

    My daughter smoked from the age 16, she is now 56 and started the e-cigs last year. She has not smoked regular cigs since then. She is asthmatic and needless to say I am so happy about this.  Her husband has allergies and he is also overjoyed.  She says her husband says there is a slight chemical smell about her rather than the old smoky smell.  Also it's much, much cheaper; what got her started was that a lady where she works told her that she and her husband changed to e-cigs and in 3 months were able to afford downpayment on a new car. 

    Those are all good things but I'm thrilled about it for her from a health standpoint. It used to be that I could stand next to her and hear her breathing. I'm anxious to visit (this coming March) and find out what other good things are happening because of the e-cigs in her life.

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