If you have Diabetes, what is your formula for keeping your blood sugar under co

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  1. Robuck4 profile image44
    Robuck4posted 14 years ago

    If you have Diabetes, what is your formula for keeping your blood sugar under control?

    What medications are you on?

  2. ramonashepherd profile image60
    ramonashepherdposted 14 years ago

    My father has type 2 diabetes and one of the ways he lowers his blood sugar is with cinnamon. You have to eat small portions of food to keep it low. The best way is consult your doctor.
    Hope this helps.

  3. DatingDragons profile image59
    DatingDragonsposted 14 years ago

    healthy diet, exercise is a must.

    if you have type 1 you need insulin, no questions asked

    if you have type 2 then you may get by with lifestyle choices but may require tablets or insulin.

  4. Don Bobbitt profile image83
    Don Bobbittposted 14 years ago

    I have Type-2 Diabetes, and am on tablets twice a day.
    I have found that I need to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day.
    With this, I can keep my blood sugar in the range of 70 to 200, with a daily average of around 135.  It takes forethought and planning to eat this way and keep your weight down.
    My real lifesaver, is my iPhone, believe it or not.  I use several apps to manage myself, and track my data.
    I use the free app called Lose-It to record and monitor my foods consumed and nutritional input, along with my weight, and calories burned.
    I use two Blood Sugar apps; one called BloodWise, and another called Glucose Buddy.  Between them I have good storage and charting of my blood sugar numbers, and I can send the data to my Doc via email.
    I also use an app called Pedometer, when I walk each day to record my calories burnt.
    Between these apps, and my wife's cooking, I am doing great.
    Good Luck!

  5. Gregg Biancci profile image59
    Gregg Biancciposted 14 years ago

    A great way to keep blood sugar levels under control is a Low Glycemic Index Diet.  A Low Glycemic Index Diet is also a great way to start fairly lean.  I wanted to respond with "make a hub about it", but I've already written one.   I'm going to link it since it's relevant, hopefully I don't get in trouble. tongue

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Low-Glycemic-In … -The-Facts

  6. profile image0
    MrsMoeposted 14 years ago

    Hi there!  My mother has diabetes and the diabetic counselor told us to use an Insulin to Carbohydrate ratio formula to determine how many units of Humalog to take.  We were given a sheet with a formula for her to use and it was so difficult, I developed an excel spreadsheet that had the formula within it.  It uses a Carb Ratio Factor, Target Blood Sugar Level, and Correction Factor for inputs (these are determined by the doctor).

    Then, you input the amount of carbs you plan to eat, what your PREmeal blood sugar level is and it then tells you how many units to take.  We were able to get her blood sugar levels quite steady with readings between 85-150 using this formula.  If you (or anyone else) needs a copy of this excel file - I'm glad to share it.  Email me at moe-jan@juno.com

  7. frogyfish profile image74
    frogyfishposted 14 years ago

    A relative is borderline diabetic, watches the glycemic index  of foods/diet and takes several herbs, with excellent control.  Herbs are Gymnema sylvestre with Pullulan by Natrol; Banaba from Swanson Vitamins(and other places) which is Laegerstsroemia speciosa from Phillipines and India. Sometimes takes Momordica chiantra from Phillipines also.
    The Gymnema helps the pancreas to produce normal enzymes and actually assists its healing.  The Banaba is a plant insulin.  Both of these products have been used outside of the USA for hundreds of years for blood sugar control.  Clinical trials were run in USA on Banaba a couple years ago, but results were not publicized as far as I know. The Momordica has  been studied as an anti-viral particularly for HIV, but those results have been cloistered also.  This relative is unable to exercise, but blood sugar is well controlled with mild to moderate use of these three excellent products.
    Chromium and vanadium are also important to help keep sugar levels stabilized.  If your doctor is unwilling to discuss these with you, look for additional or different assistance, because it is out there. Seems like these more natural remedies work about as well as 'manufactured ones' and don't have the negative side effects to boot!  It always pays to know your body and find what assistance is best for you individually.  These mentioned might be helpful even if you have to also take prescribed drugs for a while. Good wishes as you search and find your own best answers.

  8. Ingar Grondahl profile image61
    Ingar Grondahlposted 14 years ago

    I have Diabetes 1. I got it in January 1981. In the start I was "crazy", measuring almost everything I ate! Now I am more LIVING, I eat more what I like, many times A LOT OF FOOD! The main things I do to keep my glucose level "normal" are: Doing exercises, uses stairs instead of elevator, measure my glucose level often. As a matter of fact, I started to write my first hub about my Diabetes some days ago. Until today I have no damages inside my eyes (late complications). Diabetics should eat many small meals during day, instead of few bigger.

  9. profile image51
    doc.helpposted 14 years ago

    eat small frequent meals and exercise regularly.

    it maybe difficult to control dietary cravings, give in occasionally..it will help avoid uncontrolled binging.

    monitor glucose regularly.

    stress and infection maybe a cause of altered glycemic patterns..pay special attention to your diet and glucose monitoring at these times.

    exercise, if not everyday, atleast thrice a week for halfhour minimum.

    if you cant go to the gym or buy expensive euipment, dont worry--
    walking is good enough.

  10. Health Champion profile image59
    Health Championposted 13 years ago

    I have type 1 diabetes and I have achieved normal average blood sugar levels, i.e. an HbA1c of less than 6%.  I've done this mainly through diet and exercise and also through meditation and other relaxation techniques and with natural treatments and techniques that improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

    For diet, the main thing is to reduce the amount of starchy carbohydrates you eat.  Instead, eat lots of vegetables, especially raw, organic green ones and sprouted beans and seeds.  You can have plant fats from avocados, nuts and flax and olive oils.  You can have plant protein from hemp, spirulina, nuts and seeds.  It's better for your overall health to have just small amounts of lean meat, fish and eggs.

    If you are using insulin and have a dose with each meal, this will also help reduce your margin of error when working out how much to have with a meal and so reduce your risk of having a hypo.  It will also help you lose any excess fat on your tummy, which is a bonus!

    It's important to exercise regularly, preferably at least 20 minutes strenuous exercise at least every other day.

    Meditation is a great way to relax and to raise your overall emotional tolerance in times of stress.  A fantastic way to do this is to listen to a CD with headphones.  The CD has binaural beat technology to help you meditate deeply, as though you had been practising for years!

    By doing these things, you will also help yourself become super-healthy, you will be less likely to develop any of the nasty long term complications of diabetes and you will probably live longer!

    If you want more information, I've written a hub on 'How to Achieve Normal Blood Sugar Levels'.

  11. proton66 profile image60
    proton66posted 13 years ago

    I'm sure many have tried different ways. Proper dieting and exercising helps only with the aid of standard medication. Because there are too many factors (enzymes, proteins, gene expressions, ion channels, etc) involved, there isn't a formula set in stone per se. Thus, the existence of different variety of oral meds.

    On the other hand, if you opt for natural meds, the compounds are much more effective, and should be highly promoted. The limitation of getting such meds is dependent upon the rules and regulation of certain countries.

  12. nicediabetes profile image68
    nicediabetesposted 11 years ago

    The only way is to test as often as you can
    Life unfortunately has a way of making your BGLs change often so best way to control them is to eat sensibly, exercise and keep testing

    Im on an insulin pump but I think regardless of your medication type its a challenging time


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