What to do when my Primary Care Physician over charges?

  1. Ron Tulotta profile image54
    Ron Tulottaposted 6 years ago

    What to do when my Primary Care Physician over charges?

    Today I decided to find out why all my FSA money was depleted. I found out that it was because my Dr was over charging my insurance company for services he did not perform. When I spoke to his office Manager she stated that he did this because the routine visit was a small profit and he needed to sometimes add additional services, completely suprised to her admission, I spoke to the Dr himself who admittedly told me the same thing, he begged me not to call my insurance company. After telling me he would issue me a full refund (this went back 2 years) he accused me of extortion. What next?

  2. Jillian Barclay profile image79
    Jillian Barclayposted 6 years ago

    I would insist on the refund and report the doctor to your insurance company. How dare he make you feel guilty for his fraud! My grandmother had such a doctor. He was sent to prison for defrauding Medicare out of $27 million dollars for work he had not done! She defended him to the very end because he "was such a good doctor". 
    Back in the '80's, I worked for 5 cardiologists. They did NOT commit fraud, worked very hard and each made over $500,000 per year. The bulk of their patients were Medicare, so when doctors tell me that they are not paid enough, I laugh!
    I know they go to school for a very long time, but none of them make average money and then to steal on top of it?
    I have very strong opinions on this. I was a whistleblower in the '90's and it had to do with physicians committing fraud. Their love of money caused them to compromise their patients' lives...

    Asking the doctor for your money back is NOT extortion.