Is there any difference between an alcoholic or an addict?

  1. meganandruth02 profile image59
    meganandruth02posted 6 years ago

    Is there any difference between an alcoholic or an addict?

    The first AA meeting I went to or I should say, dragged, kicking and screaming and high as a kite, to; I made a big AA NO NO.  When the group of mostly farmers from the hills of Weaverville NC got around to me and my introduction, I slipped up.  I stated, 'my name is Ruth and I'm cross addicted!'
    I never went back to that meeting.  You would have thought those farmers considered me an undercover agent for the Stop Smoking campaign.
    I went on to become more angry/disillusioned.  Drunk and high 90% of the time.  Yet, even today, in AA meetings around the world; addicts & alcoholics don't mix.

  2. the clean life profile image79
    the clean lifeposted 6 years ago

    Well I don't know about being an addict because I never used drugs , but as far as drinking alcohol and being an alcoholic, I am.
    Sober now for 2 1/2 years and going strong But I will always be classified as an alcoholic. Its a name I earned I guess for all those years of drinking.

    Difference between and alcoholic and addict? Both will kill you in the end !

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    tamlee21posted 5 years ago

    We're all the same.  We both introduce toxic substances into our bodies that will possibly result in losing everything we love