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What are some exercises for elderly or old people?

  1. prettydarkhorse profile image63
    prettydarkhorseposted 6 years ago

    What are some exercises for elderly or old people?

    Even when we reach old age, staying fit and exercising are good for the overall health. Can you recommend some exercises or ways to become fit for older people?

  2. mintinfo profile image76
    mintinfoposted 6 years ago

    Simply bouncing a ball against a wall for 30 minutes a day will improve focus and concentration that is needed to stave off dementia. It will also provide some of the physical stimulation needed to slow down joint and muscle deterioration.

  3. gramon1 profile image75
    gramon1posted 6 years ago

    To get in shape after your muscles have lost elasticity and stregth is very risky. You can tore ligaments, rip tendons, or even unattach the muscle from its support. Any abrupt movements can cause permanent damage at old age. For this reason, exercising inside water is the safest solution. Water creates enough resistance to prevent abrupt expansion of your tendons.
    Exercises that are based on sustaining positions and slow movements  are also very good. Tai Chi and yoga are excellent. Being in my late 50s and still practicing abrupt karate, I prevent injuries by staying in positions that strengthen my tendons for about five minutes before I practice abrupt sudden movements.
    Tendons, not muscles are what needs to be very strong. We must prevent tearing or ripping our tendons.

  4. quickbooker profile image63
    quickbookerposted 6 years ago

    Walking, Laughing and breathing in open greenry garden or sitting around the sea!

    If you have dog, then you can take him along with you. Dogs are your best and wonderful company forever.

  5. L.L. Woodard profile image76
    L.L. Woodardposted 6 years ago

    Tai chi is known to have benefits such as increasing flexibility, strength and balance. A recent study performed in China demonstrated findings that indicate tai chi may also help to prevent heart disease by promoting "stretchability" of arteries.

    There are many videos/dvds available that even show chair exercises for those unable to stand unassisted.

    Just as with any age group, what physical activity you choose will depend in part on your current physical condition. Before beginning an exercise program, remember to get an "okay" from your physician.

  6. MobyWho profile image60
    MobyWhoposted 6 years ago

    Staying fit is a lot easier than 'becoming' fit. That is why any sickness or accident can be disastrous for older people. They have to make up for lost time. Overworking muscles can be a setback too, so regular, moderate exercise such as walking, bicycling, tai chi are good -with doctor's approval. Keep moving and maintain your range of motion, especially if you are chair-bound. And breath deeply - that's exercise too!