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What is the best way to manage cravings for unhealthy food?

  1. ThunderKeys profile image63
    ThunderKeysposted 5 years ago

    What is the best way to manage cravings for unhealthy food?

    What really works for you?


  2. bmcoll3278 profile image77
    bmcoll3278posted 5 years ago

    What I do is carry nutrition bars in my work truck chocolate . only two hundred calories. I get my craving satisfied get a boost of energy and its healthy. At night I drink lots of water to keep filling full.

  3. fit2day profile image79
    fit2dayposted 5 years ago

    Replace the unhealthy with something healthy or healthier. For example, making a fruit smoothie instead of eating ice cream.

  4. profile image0
    HealthyBodynMindposted 5 years ago

    ThunderKeys hello.
    As a personal trainer I have dealt with this issue many a time with clients, family and friends.
    The quantum shift begins, from my experience, when both the following things occur.
    Firstly there needs to be a overwhelming desire to eat properly. Be it for an over weight condition, doctors advice or other...
    Secondly when you begin to properly exercise, on the completion of each session there is an amazing sense of accomplishment accompanied by an endorphin rush. An almost enlightened feeling. Its this feeling that will help you make better decisions with food. You will notice your body changing and so you will want to reward it with the right food options.
    Of course having junk food in the house is a problem especially when it comes to temptation. So the best option is to not buy it in the first place.
    There are many foods that can satisfy a sweet, tasty craving.
    I resort to hummus as an example or make a veggie juice. Other times I make gluten free rice pasta with lentils instead of mince beef....
    There are so many possibilities...
    Healthy eating becomes habitual so don't expect it to happen straight away.
    My favorite saying at the moment when it comes to unhealthy food options is "I can eat that but I choose not to".


  5. anglnwu profile image90
    anglnwuposted 5 years ago

    Out of sight, out of mind may help--clean out the pantry of any unhealthy food--that way you can at least cut out the temptation to eat such foods. You'll still be hungry or have the need to eat, so replace those unhealthy foods with healthier nutrient-dense, low-fat/low calories food. When you eat foods rich in fiber,  and nutrients, you'll feel full longer and reduce the chances of desiring to eat most of the time.