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Do cloudy days affect your mood?

  1. rfox21 profile image76
    rfox21posted 5 years ago

    Do cloudy days affect your mood?

  2. Leaderofmany profile image60
    Leaderofmanyposted 5 years ago

    Cloudy, snowy, and rainy days all make me have less energy than a day that is sunny and warm. I go to the tanning bed, per doctors orders to get the "sun" to increase my mood and vit. D. The sun really is a factor in my health.

  3. anglnwu profile image91
    anglnwuposted 5 years ago

    Cloudy days make me lethargic and a little moody, sometimes. It has to do with the sun not shining. On days on that, I just want to curl up and read a book, drink some tea and do something really lame.

  4. tsmog profile image81
    tsmogposted 5 years ago

    Alas, this is a great hub or writer's prompt, indeed. Much could be said for sure. I have made a note, so maybe on a day off smile

    A quick spontaneous response is - it is cloudy or low overcast now here at Escondido, just a half hour or so from San Diego. I like it, presenting a calming feeling for the middle of my work week. I am also entering into the most hectic days too. It is like a breath of fresh air, kinda'.

    I have a dxd and like leaderofmany the sunlight is important to me as well. Vitamin D deficiency I am acquainted with per my Doc. But, too much revs up many and that becomes draining with interactions.

    I suspect the Monday blues will be higher than normal at work today when I get there, yet there will be a calmed sensation, which will be good for me - Monday being the got'ta get this done now kinda' day normally.

    So, having lived in Seattle I know too many is not good, though sometimes it is a blessing too.

    Maybe an idea or two there for a hub for the adventurer and explorers visiting this question today . . .

  5. profile image0
    rmcleveposted 5 years ago

    Cloudy days are my favorite! They feel comfortable to me and the cool wind and fat, cold rain drops really seal the deal. I usually feel more productive and open-minded on cloudy days.

  6. blessedp profile image79
    blessedpposted 5 years ago

    Sometimes it does.  On non sunny days I sometimes feel more reserved.  It pushes me in a cuddle up, wrapped up mood wanting to spend time with myself and meditating.  It brings quietness and peace for me.

  7. christin53 profile image82
    christin53posted 5 years ago

    Most definitely cloudy days make me feel tired and lacking in energy if I wake up to a bright sunny day I'm instantly in a good mood.

  8. profile image0
    Starmom41posted 5 years ago

    nope.  I like sunshine better, but am not bothered by cloudiness.