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Do you have diabetes I or II? Do you have your sugar level under control?

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    usmlefactsposted 5 years ago

    Do you have diabetes I or II?  Do you have your sugar level under control?

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    donnaMhicksposted 5 years ago

    Although my grandfather was diabetic, my mother and her brother are diabetic, I have thusfar been able to evade the family curse.

  3. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 5 years ago

    Diabetes Type Ii with a dash of high cholesterol, so triglycerides come into play. Is my glucose levels under control - being investigated, with a broad brush - kinda'

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    Larry Wallposted 5 years ago

    I am a Type 2 diabetic. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago and the biggest impact it had was to make me a healthier person. I dropped 30 pounds in a relatively short amount of time (have gained 10 back) but that help to lower my blood pressure and cholesterol. I never had to take any medication or insulin for my diabetes. My wife and I went to a diabetic class at the local hospital and learned how to count carbs. We can both look at a plate and know how many carbs servings are on it. The other big impact, is that I cannot buy decent health insurance because I am considered at high risk. I asked if some guy was 25 and had unprotected sex with a prostitute  every weekend would be covered and they said probably. I promised them that guy was at a higher risk of getting sicker than me. They did not buy my argument. I think I am going to have my doctor run the glucose tolerance test again. I many have only been borderline and may now be on the healthy side of the border.