What is the best way to clear, white eyes?

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    Synaptic Tornadosposted 5 years ago

    What is the best way to clear, white eyes?

    43 as of March (FYI)

    Eye drops do work, but not good for your eyes on a daily basis-actually abusing eye drops probably attributed to my problem.

    Don't get me wrong, it isn't SEVERE, people don't even notice-that I know of..but I DO! I know when I do put drops in, my overall appearance is more awake; youthful....sorry for the book here, I just know I don't like it when a ? is asked, and no details are provided for me to answer appropriately.

    Anyway - any ideas??

    Sincerely appreciated; new to HubPages, so feel free to knock my socks off with miracles! yikes)

  2. pippap profile image86
    pippapposted 5 years ago

    A good diet loaded with fresh fruits and vegetable; plenty of sleep; and, giving your eyes a break every hour for five minutes if reading or operating a computer will give you the brightest eyes possible.  (I always think a bit of the devil adds a certain twinkle to the eye.)

    For temporary relief of red eyes try a used tea bag.  Lay down for 15 mins. with a used moist tea bag on each eye.  Cold cucumber slices work  well as does cool, moist cloths placed on eyes.   Or, try putting a few drops of rosewater (available in any pharmacy) on cotton balls and place them on eyes for 15 mins. twice a day.

    Try increasing your intake of Omega3 and protect your eyes with good sunglasses when outside.