Have your dreams come true any time?

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  1. lex123 profile image74
    lex123posted 6 years ago

    Have your dreams come true any time?

    I have heard people telling early morning dreams often come true. Have you experienced any time like this - early morning dream, or any time dream?

  2. Esenbee profile image60
    Esenbeeposted 6 years ago

    I'm not sure about an early morning dream but many of my dreams have came true in my life. I dreamed that I have met people and then months later I would see the same person that I dreamed about. These dreams happen to me at random times though.

  3. landscapeartist profile image74
    landscapeartistposted 6 years ago

    I had a dream years ago that I was standing on the outside watching my family having fun with strangers and I couldn't get in with them no matter what I did.  Someone else was there, in my place.  In the dream, I didn't belong there.  It was like I was watching someone else live my life, in my home, with my family.
    I dreamed that dream for months almost every night.
    I separated from my spouse a few years ago.  All my personal possessions are still in the house, we didn't legally separate, no division of assets at all.  Last year, he moved his girlfriend into our house.  She won't let me on my own property.  I have to watch her enjoy the usage of my things, my lawn swing that I bought and put together myself.  My truck sits in the back yard, my female lab runs around the yard.  She still comes when I call her, but Pam will stop her if she is home.  My son takes pics on his camera of home, yard, whatever, and I am not allowed to look through my own sons camera at the photos.
    They changed the interior of the house without checking with me.  I say 'no' to a change, and they do it anyway.  She does everything I used to do, and I mean everything.  The only thing that is different is her name.  I feel like I am watching someone else live my life.

    1. Esenbee profile image60
      Esenbeeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Wow, I am so sorry to here about this. It's amazing how you dreamed this. You basically saw your future before it actually happened. It's sad what happened to you but amazing how your mind presented it to you before it happened.

    2. lex123 profile image74
      lex123posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      It is very sad to know that you saw such a dream years ago about what was going to happen to you. So it shows that dreams sometimes do come true.

      Many a time I too have experienced my dreams (happy and sad) coming true.

  4. joy4856 profile image56
    joy4856posted 6 years ago

    i once dreamed about my grandpa gifting me a bike for my birthday, and it came true. (the next day was my birthday)

    1. lex123 profile image74
      lex123posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      That is great!

  5. connorj profile image79
    connorjposted 6 years ago

    While I worked for Kimberly Clark north of Lake Superior, in March of 1985 I had a vivid dream of a chopper crash which took the life of 2 people, one person who I recognized. It happened (in my dream) by a small circular-shaped lake surrounded in spruce and some pine forest. The lake appeared significantly similar to one I had "ground-truthed" several years before when I was surveying. Anyways it was significantly different then all my other dreams; I mentioned this to my wife (Kate) and friend Jan the next day.
    In August of the same year one of the 2 Bell Jet Ranger choppers crashed and burned, killing both the pilot (Barry) and passenger (an airplane pilot from Midway Airlines). It happened on the shore of that same or a significantly similar shaped lake...


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