Your son has adhd and odd too?

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    Tanya Anne Hillposted 5 years ago

    Your son has adhd and odd too?

    My son is 7 and he has severe adhd and odd. Hes just started taking meds in august of 2011. It seems like these past few weeks are worse. I have a very difficult time dealing with his odd, he seems to want to run away every day. The arguing never stops, any ideas?? Thank you!

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    DreamerMegposted 5 years ago

    That must be very difficult to deal with. I had never heard of "odd" and had to look it up. There was useful information here: … orders.htm

    In terms of adhd, there is a lot of info that suggests that having regular known habits can be very helpful. I have seen the type of habits or daily routines promoted on flylady being praised as being useful for people with ADD. Flylady can be found at Her site is entirely free to use but I think the best use is to sign up for the emails, where you get added value from the "testimonials" sent in by people covering the uses they have found for her "tools". Her site and emails are free but she supports the site through selling tools, such as the "Office in a bag", which is a folder that zips and carries a 3 ring binder (only useful in USA, not UK). This binder can be used with her control journals (free) of which there is one for students. There have been a number of testimonials over the years from students with ADD, who have found a daily routine and the use of the office in a bag to have been very helpful. The site is about house cleaning mainly but ADD gets a fair bit of attention.

    For the ODD, maybe a book on positive parenting could help. I can't recommend one in particular but there are a number around. Positive parenting helps you get round the defiance part of ODD.