Peace of Mind leads to Good Health

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    mail2rammcaposted 10 years ago

    People think more about health and want to keep them away from diseases. The simple ways to keep you healthier is to keep your mind in the state of peace.
    Here are some tips for your health:
    1. Get up early in the morning and goto bed early in the night
    2. Do yoga or meditation in early morning in the fresh air.
    3. Cosume as  much as possible nature's free medicines like vegetables, leaves, fresh air, fresh water etc.
    4. Mind is nothing but basket of thoughts. so dont think about bad or negative things more that would keep your mind in disturbance state and makes it unsteady which inturn lead to many psychological problems.
    5. Be positive, think positive and act positive.
    6. Simple way to keep the mind in peace is: be good, think good, do good
    7. Always try to be away from bad company
    8. Have sense of good time management so that you can be tension free of completing the things in time.
    9. Never worry about problems, every problem will have a solution, try to find out it with hope.

    These simple things make your mind to be in the state of peace and results in your good health.

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      nikki1posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      You know it. Along with meditational music,. Cutting down you fats and cholesterol.. such as 0 calorie cooking sprays and 0 calorie butter sprays. Also, consider NEVER eating a meal or snack before bed time. You will want your stomach empty. Also, peeing before bed is also recommended.

      Know your body numbers and your body mass number. Lots of walking per day is a great way to keep your body balance.

      Listening to lots of inspiring music is recommended.
      Peace to all..


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    Evelyn Limposted 10 years ago

    I just read this post and share some similar thoughts.  In fact, I have gone as far as investigating if my eczema outbreaks are caused by repressed emotions, the subject of my latest hub.