When did a smile become a terrible thing

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    RealityTalkposted 4 years ago

    When did a smile become a terrible thing

    I grew up believing smiling at someone & be smiled at by people was a good thing.  And healthy for the face as a smile uses less muscles than a frown.  But a smile seems to be an evil thing to many people these days.  I now have to be cautious as to who I smile at.  Many times my smile is met by a nasty face; like, how dare you smile at me.  Some women wrongly interpret a smile as a come on; & some of them that do so must be delusional to start with.  Some men interpret a friendly smile as gay.  And look out if a man smiles at a child.  What gives?


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    fpherj48posted 4 years ago

    RT....I tend to agree with you and am a bit disillusioned by this seemingly "fear of smiling," myself.  Strangely, it is only "happy, smiling people," who even notice this void in the crowd.  Unfortunately, your statement about increasing reactions of paranoia, is apparent.  Makes one wonder if they should remain perpetually stone-faced, to avoid arrest!  I hear you, RT.
    As an eternal optimist, I find myself being a little more selective, as to whom I will offer a friendly gesture.  Now, that's sad, isn't it?  The reality is that "a friendly gesture" is basically emoted by smiling.
    The vast majority of adults in 2013, can hardly be scoffed at for developing somewhat of a wall of defense around themselves, or more importantly their children.  It is, in fact, a much more frightening world today, than ever before.  Or, are we simply "more informed & aware?"  In any case, this fact becomes something to consider.  Add to this defensiveness, the general pressures of coping with a less-than-pleasant "state of our nation," and it's more understandable that people have grown weary or anxious.  Some individuals have the ability to remain positive and "keep smiling" through the tough times, many others, succumb to the monsters who can steal our joy.
    My own personal thoughts, as always, continue to be that "It's a tough job, but SOMEBODY has to do it!"  LOL   To wrap this up, RT....I'll go wayyyyy back to share some stunning lessons learned from my Much-too-wise-for-prime-time, Dad.   Whenever our hyper-vigilant Mother would insist we avoid associating with kids she felt were "bad influences,"  our Dad would say, "Well, what makes you think that our daughters' "good influence" wouldn't inspire the others?"   
    Keep smiling, RT.....it's bound to catch on!!   smile

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      RealityTalkposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      fpherj48, You dad is wise.  I like his advice.  Thanks for sharing.  If fate ever brings our paths to cross, we will know each by our smiles. lol.