What are the 10 most inane and ludricrous conspiracies and conspiracy theories a

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    What are the 10 most inane and ludricrous conspiracies and conspiracy theories around?


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    John Parksposted 4 years ago

    Conspiracy theories can be very intriguing.  They draw you in with their sometimes skewed logic and reasoning.  I Love reading conspiracy theories, some of them are quite compelling.  The TV series Ancient Aliens is a fun one.  If something can't be explained easily, or even if it can, then Aliens are responsible. 

    Last night around the camp fire here in Northern Idaho, through the haze of smoke we saw an Alien Grey walking toward us.  It's bulging eyes, hypnotic, glazed over and controlling.  We were frozen to our chairs, unable to move.  Then as it came closer it morphed into our large dog and came over and licked my hand.  I am just glad that our dog did not abduct us.

    OK, enough of that, here are my favorite 10 Conspiracy theories.

    1.) The Moon landings were performed by actors on a movie set.  This one is an obvious fact, as 99.9% of us know.

    2.) Contrails are not just the exhaust of Jets, they are a diabolical plot to poison us all and reduce the surplus population.

    3.) The pyramids were built by Aliens, used for Nuclear reactors, or they could not have been built by humans, etc. I know this one is false, I saw Mammoths pulling the huge blocks in place in the documentary movie 10,000 b.c. human slaves were building the Pyramids. Aliens were only aiding and guiding the process.

    4.) Bigfoot, Yeti, Moth-man, and Reptilians,  I can't wait to see one in the zoo.  Don't you all love the documentary movie, "Harry and the Henderson's."

    5.) Bin Laden is still alive, there is no way to prove his body was thrown into the Ocean.  Why wouldn't they make up a story like this? seems logical!

    6.) Obama is the Anti-Christ, obviously!  Need I elaborate?

    7.) The Government uses mind control through your television, that is really an undeniable fact, as we all know.

    8.) President Bush blew up the Trade Towers and presided over the 911 attacks.  You know Presidents do this kind of stuff all the time.

    9.) Did you know that Keanu Reeves is immortal?  Look at pictures of him, he hasn't changed in 20 years.  He is actually French actor, Paul Mounet who is supposed to have died in 1922, but no body was found.

    10.) The whole Bush family are actually shape shifting aliens.  Watch some of the youtube video's if you aren't already convinced.

    I hope you all enjoy this list, please add more of  your favorites to it.