Is Obama Care Affordable Care?

  1. jamesrk profile image33
    jamesrkposted 4 years ago

    Is Obama Care Affordable Care?

    What do you think about the new health care?

  2. mbwalz profile image88
    mbwalzposted 4 years ago

    While affordable is dependent on one's income, insurance is insurance. We pay insurance because we may or may not need it, like home and life and car insurance. If you are already gambling that you will never have anything serious wrong with you, then paying anything is more than paying nothing. And many people depend on the charity care that non-profit hospitals give - they can not turn anyone away, by law. A healthy 27 year old can have appendicitis and need emergency surgery or break a leg skiing or develop diabetes because of sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.

    You and I should NOT have to pay for this kind of urgent/emergency care for people who gamble. They think it's not fair that they HAVE to buy insurance. But forget that they belong to a community and don't live on an island.

    I think people are shocked at the price of insurance, but the options are better than they were before - which is why self employed, etc. gambled. So affordable, yes it is. It makes all of our insurance options more affordable in the end. But it will take time, it's not instant.