How to eliminate excess fat from body?

  1. sandus profile image68
    sandusposted 4 years ago

    How to eliminate excess fat from body?

  2. crackerjack9 profile image72
    crackerjack9posted 4 years ago

    Exercise is always the best way to lose weight. There are certain foods that you can snack on all day and they will actually burn more calories than they add. Called "fat burning foods", they include blueberries, green tea, grapefruit, hot peppers, and whole grains. They each may work in different ways, but the results are the same...for one reason or another, they burn off excess fat.

  3. Steve Burgess profile image59
    Steve Burgessposted 4 years ago

    Disciplined life is very much needed to eliminate excess fat. Whether you are doing exercises like aerobics or simple walking/running, you should do it regularly without break. A combination of exercise and diet may help!