New here. Can anyone help/guide me please? :(

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    m-shahposted 3 years ago

    New here. Can anyone help/guide me please? sad

    Am I not supposed to ask such stuff here? Getting extremely confused hmm

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    tsmogposted 3 years ago

    A starting point is deciding "Why am I here?" Make a list as long as you like. Then divide the list by twelve. That will offer you twelve months of learning.

    Is it too much? Is it not that much? hmmmm . . . Now, decide which is the most important. The very most important. Stop . . . place that at the top of the list, scratch if off the list, and  now you have an objective. Decide when you both 'feel' and 'think' you would like to accomplish that. Next, take a break and go for a walk or whatever. Relax a bit.  Most importantly forget and do not think about the primary choice. Forget about it for 30 minutes to an hour. Empty your mind.

    Come back and decide if what you wrote is really, really what you 'feel' at the moment you read it again. If it is a 'yes' then, you have an objective. Next, ponder how long before you would like to achieve that objective. Once decided, then place a date of expectation. Now, you have a goal.

    Next, take your list and prioritize everything. That priority should be what will first be needed to help achieve that 'Goal'. If it does not apply toward that goal then write it on another place and scratch it off the list. Now, focus on your desires and create a plan.

    Then, ponder and decide how can HubPages help you to achieve that 'Goal'! Next, discover at the HubPages learning center everything that will offer you knowledge toward that Goal. Learn it. Understand it. Know it. And, always follow up with reviews as change does occur.

    Next, seek outside help from others that are already working on the same Goal or similar Goal. Read everything on that Goal. Do not wander too far. Focus on the Goal. Create a community of 'your own' that is focused on that Goal.

    Now, stop . . . evaluate your progress. Do that process again. Make sure you are making progress on that goal. If not then decide with flexibility if you should change the Goal or any of the helpful objectives.

    And, always . . . have fun, fun, as best as you can while accomplishing and achieving while interacting socially as you feel comfortable with. Just keep watering the seed. It will sooner or later poke out passed the top soil. Not much farther along in time it will be a seedling. Sooner than later it will have leaflets. Then amazingly it there will be flowers offering the fruit of change and multiplicity. Don't forget to weed the garden.

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      m-shahposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you so much! Definitely going to try to do what you said.