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What are ten items on your own personal bucket list?

  1. Kathleen Odenthal profile image94
    Kathleen Odenthalposted 3 years ago

    What are ten items on your own personal bucket list?

    Bucket lists, for those who dont know, are lists of things to do before you die. What are your top ten?

  2. fpherj48 profile image77
    fpherj48posted 3 years ago

    Kathleen.....As usual, because I believe I live my life on auto-pilot every moment......The "Bucket List" rage really never got me excited......I can't honestly say if I've always been ahead of my time, or seriously lagging.
    I simply don't become involved in "What's the latest?"  Who's doing what?"  "Follow the Leader."......(you know what I'm saying)
    I suppose I'd be more ORGANIZED if I wrote things down...things like goals, wishes, dreams.....but I fly by what's going on in MY life and just how I'm feeling at any given time.  My mind is "on" at all times......so often I need to focus on intentionally shutting it down, just to give myself a rest......to live in the moment and appreciate what's right in front of me.
    I don't feel a need to always be reaching for something......because I'm able to be happy and at peace with who I am and what I have thus far.
    I'm grateful for so much.....the things I planned with intention and the things that just "happened."   I've gone through the learning process of being happy with what I have.......not what might be or should be.
    We're all slated to leave this earth sooner or later.  I just don't happen to want to focus on "that day"...when I'll be leaving. 
    A bucket list?   I just hope to be as healthy, happy, productive and fulfilled as I possibly can for whatever time I'm allowed to hang out here.
    I'm by no means done with trying to "make that difference" for my fellow man. 
    To all those writing, memorizing, posting and planning their bucket list......I have a question.  What happens when you've completed it all?
    Well...........good question, Kathleen.  I'm sure you'll garner some very interesting responses.

    1. Rochelle Frank profile image95
      Rochelle Frankposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Wish I had written that-- because I feel the same way.,,, and I'd hate to get to my last day and have my last thought be "Dang... I've still got two things on my list.".

    2. fpherj48 profile image77
      fpherj48posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Rochelle....LOL!   Really.....I see what you mean....."Hey WAIT!, I can't die yet!  I still have to surf the waves at Waikiki & swim with the dolphins!!!" LOL

  3. Ericdierker profile image53
    Ericdierkerposted 3 years ago

    I do not think you are supposed to tell people. I think that jinks it. Just my notion maybe.
    Sail seven seas
    Hike over 14K ft
    Run largest rapid in world
    jump out of airplane
    Visit every continent
    Go 90 mph on skis
    Ride a twenty foot wave
    Go over 200 ft below in water
    run a marathon
    Have and raise children

    I can give you those because they are done.

    "Dreamers are the ones that do things"

    1. Rochelle Frank profile image95
      Rochelle Frankposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      You should write a hub on how doing those 'bucket list' type things changed-- or didn't change your like and thinking.