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What are the types of depression and their symptoms?

  1. changelife profile image61
    changelifeposted 3 years ago

    What are the types of depression and their symptoms?

    Please tell me the different types of depression. How one can identify if someone is under depression and needs a clinical treatment? Please specify the symptoms of depression. What common types of depression are there? If you can, give me the help guide for depression. Thanks!

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    Lybrahposted 3 years ago

    I think there is only one type of depression, but people experience it in different ways.  It manifests itself differently for each person.

  3. dashingscorpio profile image86
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    Feeling hopelessness or believing one has no options for improvement are things that cause one to feel depressed. If you believe tomorrow is not going to be any better than today or next year will not be any better than this year it's so easy to conclude that life is not worth living.
    Depression at it's very core is a "self-centered" activity. Depressed people spend the bulk of their time only thinking about (themselves) and their situations. They are usually not (active) or busy living life. Very often (they) cut themselves off from others, decline invitations to parties and outings, refuse to answer the phone, or check emails...etc And then they proclaim they're "alone" or "no one understands  me". Well what can you expect if you cut people out of your life? Of course you're going to be alone!
    In other instances being an "introvert" or not making an effort to form friendships or new relationships causes people to feel depressed. They "unrealistically" expect the world to come knocking on their door to connect with them. When it doesn't happen they become "wallflowers" in the party of life.
    Depressed people often believe things "happen to them" and their (actions) (choices) or (decisions) have no bearing on their life. They convince themselves that on a planet containing 7 Billion people that they are the only one who have faced these same struggles. When you believe it's "only you" then you're bound to sink into a depression.
    The only real cure I know of for depression is "taking action".
    Taking action initiates feelings of "self-empowerment"  within us.You have to get outside of yourself and look at your options, study people who have faced similar issues and found a way to thrive, stay in contact with people, and even help others who are doing worse than yourself, or simply be a friend to someone, join a few groups at Meetup.com who share similar interests or have hobbies you enjoy.
    Always have something on your calendar to "look forward to"! It could be the release of a new movie you want to see, an upcoming concert/play, a vacation destination, party or event. It's good to have at least one thing per month on your calendar.
    People who have "nothing to look forward to" become extremely depressed.

  4. Sri T profile image81
    Sri Tposted 3 years ago

    Depression is a continuous state of unhappiness every day. People who are depressed often live in victim mode. They carry a lot of suffering do to a lack of understanding of the mind. They do not understand cause and effect, action and reaction. All suffering is caused by ones own thoughts. But due to conditioned reflexes, they think other people are the triggers or cause of their suffering. The world is never the cause, rather it is the perception of others and the world. Anybody can change any situation that they don't like. But some people make suffering a habit. They don't see any reasons to be happy. Hurt feelings, pain and gloom tends to dominate the mind. Then other people reject that vibration that they carry. They internalize what others think and become more depressed. The solution is to make yourself happy. Depend on your own inner joy. Enjoy other people but never allow others to destroy your happiness. Have independent bliss from the heart. Build self esteem, an ego, self respect and self love. Understand that everybody lives in a thought world of their own creation. Anybody can switch mental states or emotions at any time. And the last thing is to cultivate a nonserious attitude. Learn to laugh at yourself and the world. Depression depends on a serious mind. If a person is laughing, they cannot be depressed at the same time. No one is helpless. There are good books and videos on how to be free of the mind's habits or negative thoughts, free of the past, free of the world, free of the negative attitudes of people and free of problems. It's better to grab the tools and become free, than to let misery become a way of life. If the depression is really deep, they should see a doctor.

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    Daveadamposted 3 years ago

    For 99% of people their depression is caused by themselves, & it's caused by what their constantly thinking about....I can only say that (for what it's worth), because a year ago i was a manic depressive, over thinker, over analyser, & a very negative thinking person....So it took me a year to work it out for myself, & i am now completely immune to depression etc....The key to ending anyone's depression is to stop thinking the negative thoughts, that then cause the feelings of depression....But no one can just do that without a good bit of practice, & a lot of patience & a few bad days along the way....The practice is emotions & feelings control practice, obviously to help control the persons unwanted negative emotions & feelings....Also mindful distraction using only their senses to distract any negative thoughts, & it has to be "practiced" when ever their actually aware that their "lost in negative thinking".....All this practice shows the depressed or indeed any person, is that it is "them" that are actually creating/causing all of their own negative & positive emotions & feelings....So with a good few months of practice it becomes crystal clear to them that it was them all along, that was causing their own depression by their own negative thinking....Once a person has that realisation moment like i have that we do create our own emotions feelings & thoughts, it then becomes very hard to allow any negative emotions or feelings any more....I sometimes still feel them coming for say a second when surprised by someone, but it's easy to let it all go before it gets going.....The emotions & feelings practice is to be practiced when any one tries to "get you going", or when ever you feel yourself getting bored, lonely, angry etc....If anyone did all that until it works they themselves would be cured of unwanted negative emotions & feelings, but would still have them to use if ever needed.....Never go down the drugs route buddy because there is actually "zero" "independent evidence", that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain....The stuff i mentioned has a far far higher success rate, & there "is" "independent evidence" to prove it....It took me a good month or so before i even got the gist of the training, & how to do it properly....But if someone does it & takes it nice & steady with it, & does & adds a bit each day....It will work for them, like they never thought anything ever could....By the way the training is truly fascinating. :-)