Have you had any experience with Breast Cancer? Cervical Cancer?

  1. baybpnk profile image82
    baybpnkposted 3 years ago

    Have you had any experience with Breast Cancer? Cervical Cancer?

    I am curious to know who has been through a cancer scare, specifically breast cancer or cervical/vaginal cancer. When it comes to Cervical/Vaginal cancer, HPV (Human Papaloma Virus) is one of the biggest STD's in America RIGHT NOW, and there are several strains of the disease that can lead to these cancers in severe cases. When it comes to breast cancer, I know several women who have found lumps and had to get checked out. I'm interested in the thoughts and feelings during the limbo time when your doctors are trying to figure out what is going on. I know it can be confusing and stressful.

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    Jazlyn-Wilsonposted 3 years ago

    My journey with breast cancer began last year. At the time, I was 38 and thought that I was quite healthy. One day I noticed a lump in my right breast, though it was not painful, but I went to the doctor and they referred for a mammogram and other tests performed with the help of devices just present at http://www.ilexmedical.com/products.php?act=cat . After all test, it was confirmed that I have cancer, the moment make me completely shocked, scared and numb.

    Doctors suggested me to undergo for radiation therapy and the hormone treatment; my chemo and radiation went well and now I am getting healthy again. So thankful to my family who supported me in all stage.