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Here i'm raja.my sister suffer from breast cancer.first we remove cancer cells f

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    rajaguru72posted 7 years ago

    Here i'm raja.my sister suffer from breast cancer.first we remove cancer cells from her...

    breast,next remove breast and give radiotherophy,cheamotherophy.now cancer cells spread to lungs,lever,shoulder bone and brain.have any chance to cure her?please tell me.

  2. sofs profile image83
    sofsposted 7 years ago

    Hi Raja I am so sorry.. Try this fruit called Graviola, check this on the net. Fruit merchants in some places in India procure it for cancer patients... But pray if you believe pray.. call on Jesus.. he is the healer. You may not like it but I can tell you what I know!!

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    Goodpalposted 7 years ago

    I empathize with the suffering your family, and your sister in particular, must be going through.

    From personal experience of seeing miraculous effects a Chinese herb - Tian Xian - on a 78 year old man with lever cancer, who was given 6-10 weeks by the "cancer experts", I would suggest you to visit the following site:


    The old man mentioned above was almost bed-ridden for 2 years before the dooms day prediction by the "expert doctors". His son, my friend, was bold enough to read through the above site and order the medicine immediately by Fed Ex courier service.

    Results: After 3 months all medical tests were almost normal for the person of that age - Doctors surprised of course. But this is not the point.

    After another 2 months the "Old Man" became bold enough to tour some distance places, that he had planned long ago but could not go because he was on bed, with his wife.

    He was a man without any symptoms of cancer and regained his earlier cheerful self. About 6 months later he died a normal death - not as a victim of cancer.

    At the above site you will find testimonials from all types of farmer cancer patients who should have died long ago as per the "experts" and "doctors" but are leading a normal healthy life.

    I am sharing this info only out of goodwill and compassion.

    DISCLAIMER: I have no idea how this herb works nor do I have any financial interest in promoting this herb. Please use your own judgment and do your own research.

  4. petesankey profile image60
    petesankeyposted 7 years ago

    I'm very sorry to hear the difficult time you and your sister have been going through.  Unfortunately this is not curable, although there are things that can help with any troublesome symptoms such as pain etc.  Anybody claiming to have a cure is unfortunately trying to take advantage of you and a cure is certainly not possible. I would suggest you concentrate on spending quality time with your sister.  I am so sorry.

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      conradofontanillaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Some plants are recorded to have reversed cancer. One, noni, tea, or fresh fruits, or juice, or capsuse, has been shown to cure colon cancer. This was a result of medical research done by University of the Philippines, Manila. Also ping periwinkle.

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    keepitnaturalposted 7 years ago

    Hi Raja, I too feel very much for you & your family during these testing times.
    If there is anything out there with the potential to cure your sister, then I would put my money on the following products. They are developed by some of the worlds top scientists & are completely natural, yet proven to be highly effective. For your sisters case I would encourage her to take all these together, otherwise start at the top & get as many as you can.
    The number of bottles you will need for a months supply are in brackets, this number depends on the level of pain & dysfunction your sister is suffering & are in the following order; (None, Mild, Severe Symptoms)
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    As the cancer has spread to the liver you will need to include UltraLiver8 as part of the protocol (4 bottles = 1 months supply) - http://www.gethealthyagain.biz/product_ … s_id=24905
    I wish your sister all the best with this, if anything can help her then these products are that!