Can prior health insurance show up as active on records, prompting current compa

  1. brakel2 profile image80
    brakel2posted 3 years ago

    Can prior health insurance show up as active on records, prompting current company questions?

    Some folks have problems with multiple questions about old health insurance policies, and must prove they no longer have that insurance.

  2. connieow profile image79
    connieowposted 3 years ago

    Good morning Audrey,

    According to the HIPPA act, your medical records are private, not public and no one can review them without your specific written permission.  You can read more here:

    However, very few rules apply to insurance company questionnaires.  With the new ObamaCare, as everyone is calling it, the questions regarding pre-existing health issues is suppose to be deleted entirely.  But even that is loosely translated.

    You are able to change providers of insurance without hassle.  There are reporting factors to aid.  But, there are no hard and fast ways to prevent the companies from grilling you to death. 

    I would question them as the reasons for asking and tell them it should not make a difference.  Depending on your state there are agencies to aid with the transition and changes you need to make for your health insurance.  I would contact them and request their assistance.

    Wishing you well.

  3. teamrn profile image66
    teamrnposted 3 years ago

    I'm sure they can. But it's better they show up as active than show up as not EVER in force in which case a strict denial will be issued without a CERTIFICATE OF CREDITABLE COVERAGE-and sometimes those are HARD to come by. You can always fight the company that provided the insurance to you 7 years back.

    It is a LOT harder to fight if you've been dogged relentlessly for not having creditable coverage these past 7 years. By then, you'll be sick, sick of fighting through what seems like mounds of red tape which didn't need to be; IF ONLY YOU'D KEPT THAT SHEET OF PAPER, seemly benign: THE CERTIFICATE OF CREDITABLE COVERAGE. Instead you used it to wrap up dead fish!

    It is so much easier to disproved that a policy is no longer in force (all the provider of service needs to do is call up customer relations and find the end of coverage date). However, few will go out of hi/her way to prove what they think: that you MAY never have had coverage to begin with. But, many will go out of their way to verify that there WAS coverage. Keep those certificates of creditable coveragess ladies and gents!