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Tips for Healthy Life

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    linwuposted 8 years ago

    1, often late night, will get cancer, because the stomach is not a break.
    2, egg cholesterol is relatively high, the number of eggs to eat each day to vary, young people can eat more, the elderly are not more than 1 per day is appropriate.
    3, the chicken's bottom contains carcinogens, do not eat well.
    4, eat fruit, preferably half an hour to one hour before meals or 1-2 hours after a meal.
    5, girls having their periods, do not drink green tea, anyway, do not drink tea on the right, and you can eat the blood thing.
    6, drink milk, do not add eggs and sugar, do not drink too much.
    7 Do not Chi Fanqie fasting, it is best to eat after dinner.
    8, the morning wake up, drink a glass of water first to prevent stones.
    9 Do not eat anything three hours before going to bed would be fat.
    10, less He Naicha, because high-calorie, high-oil, no nutritional value to speak of, long-term drinking, easy to suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases ....
    11, fresh-baked bread should not be consumed immediately.
    12, away from the charging base, the body should stay away for more than 30 cm, should not have placed bedside.
    13, every day, drink eight cups.
    14, 10 glasses of water each day, bladder cancer will not come.
    15, during the day drink plenty of water, less water at night.
    16, the day do not drink more than two cups of coffee, drink too easily lead to insomnia, stomach pain.
    17, multi-eat less fatty foods, because it took 5 to 7 hours to digest, and make the brain to the stomach the blood concentration, easy to sleep.
    18, 17 o'clock, after dinner eat less because the body after a five-point do not need so much energy.
    19,10 will be happy to eat kinds of food: deep-sea fish, bananas, grapefruit, whole wheat bread, spinach, garlic, tomatoes, low-fat milk, chicken, cherry.
    20, lack of sleep will make you stupid in one day shall be eight hours of sleep, there are no older than customary afternoon nap. Beneficial to health due to take hypnotics.
    21, the best sleep time in the early morning of 10 pm ~ 6:00. Insomnia may be appropriate to take hypnotics.
    22, no more than a glass of alcohol a day, because alcohol can inhibit B cell antibody production, increased bacterial infection.
    23, taking the capsules should be swallowed with cold water (which can be the first one to eat), before going to bed 30 minutes before medication, bogey to lie down immediately.
    24, Plum with anti-aging effect, panacea; anger defects are advised to eat more.
    25, hair loss, factors: late at night, stress, smoking, Chicken row, spicy pan, greasy food, excessive food seasoning.
    26, to help hair growth: multi-eat cabbage, eggs, beans; eating sweets (especially fructose).
    27 a day, a cup of lemon juice, orange juice, not only can whitening, you can also dilute the black spot.
    28, Apple: motorcycle race, drug addicts, housewives standing medicine; one day before giving himself a clean lungs.
    29, smoking, eating and vitamins (B-carotene as a vitamin-A) will be carcinogenic, as soon as possible to quit, is the most healthy approach.
    30, women should not drink tea five periods: their periods, pregnant women, perinatal ago, the production of finished, menopause.
    31, smoking: the largest is the relationship between lung cancer, lip cancer, tongue cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, but also related with bladder cancer.
    32, alcohol consumption led to cirrhosis of the liver, cause liver cancer.
    33, betel nuts can cause oral fibrosis, lead to oral cancer.
    34, food is too fine, the lack of fiber, contains a lot of fat, especially cholesterol may lead to stomach cancer.
    35, food is too rough, nutritional deficiencies, leading to esophageal cancer, stomach cancer.
    36, Aflatoxin in food, nitrite class materials are carcinogenic.
    37, do not smoke, refuse to second-hand smoking.
    38, moderate drinking, not Pinjiu, not drunk.
    39, reduce the consumption of salted, smoked, barbecue food.
    40, daily intake of fresh vegetables and fruit.
    41, daily intake of high fiber-rich grains and cereals and pulses.
    42, daily intake of a balanced diet, but quantity.
    43, the correct eating habits: In the morning to eat like emperors, at noon to eat, like civilians, at night to eat like a beggar.
    44, often taking bee products contribute to the health and beauty.
    45, Imagine: Imagine one through your favorite places, such as the sea, mountains and so relax the brain. Put your thoughts focused on the things of the imagination, "see, hear, listen" on, and gradually entry, thus to achieve the spirit of relaxation.
    46, massage: closed eyes, with their own hands after the fingertip force forehead and neck massage office, there are certain rules to the direction of rotation, do not aimlessly the rub.
    47, respiration: fast shallow breathing. In order to better relax, slowly inhale, breath, and breath, at every stage for 8 shooting.
    48, abdominal breathing: lie flat on the floor, face down on the body's natural relaxation, closed eyes, breath, all the exhaled gas into the lungs, abdomen muster, and then tightening the abdomen, inhale, finally relaxed, so that abdomen restitution. Normal breathing a few minutes and then repeat the process.
    49, from the general: Try to use a number of different new ways to do something you rarely do, such as the feet jumping down the stairs and so on.
    50, relaxation response: sit comfortably in a quiet place, closed eyes, relax the muscles in silence for a call a suction to the main breathing.
    51, the development of interest: develop your interest in a variety of useful activities, and heartily to enjoy.
    52, stretching exercises: stretching the elimination of tension is very useful, it enables muscles to relax.
    53, the shower singing: Each bath open up your singing voice, as elongated tones. Because the need to constantly take a deep breath to sing out loud, so that could be very good, making happy.
    54, nap: Learning on all occasions, such as offices, corridors, car, nap for 10 minutes, this will make your spirits.
    55, brown chicken neck should not eat: Because the chicken skin contains more estrogen, which contain a relatively high proportion of fat. Also chicken skin, the rich
    Of protein, fat, iron, zinc and other substances. Amount of food so it can be!!!
    56, before going to bed should not be drinking tea: tea which has many alkaloids, such as caffeine, theophylline and other substances absorbed by the body after the excitement of the central nervous system has significant effect, can eliminate fatigue and vigor. Why can not drink tea before going to bed will lead to Insomnia

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    jessica willisposted 8 years ago

    Well that sound like and good health form

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    bojanglesk8posted 8 years ago

    You should make a hub on that.

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    Hongliang Zhangposted 8 years ago

    Very detailed.

    Very good!