What is the true philosophy/psychology of sex addiction?

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    Phil Perezposted 3 years ago

    What is the true philosophy/psychology of sex addiction?

    I personally think that people with that addiction do not and have not found someone "worthy" enough to satisfy them mentally, psychologically and intellectually enough to keep them from being driven to want more than "just sex." I don't think they see anyone fit enough to teach them or entice them to want to realize that there are intelligent people in the world if you just look. Also it probably is a low self-esteem. Nothing to actually share which leads to only finding instant stimulation which is fornication, to some, "the next best thing." I don't really know, you tell me.

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    Joshtheplumberposted 2 years ago

    Sexual energy is creative energy. It can be used for actual sex, or transmuted into creativity. Sexual addiction merely derives from not being properly trained in this process and/ or simple immaturity. Sexual energy is so widely misused and abused it's nearly impossible to draw distinct lines of appropriateness anymore. The best source for beginning to understand this can be found in a book called 'think and grow rich' by Napoleon Hill.