What are the ways that FEAR keeps people comfortable, secure, and ......yes safe

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What are the ways that FEAR keeps people comfortable, secure, and ......yes safe?


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    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago

    People are for the most part creatures of habit who seek stability, reliability, and predictability. In fact many of us in the U.S. long for days where you could join a company right out of school knowing you had a job with them until (you) decided to retire or move on.
    We called it JOB SECURITY. That no longer exists today!
    This is also how most people view marriage. It's a way to "settle  down" and know that they've got someone who is going to be there through ups and downs, the holidays, weight gain, loss of hair, wrinkled skin and so on. They scratch it off their "to do list".
    Fear keeps one from taking risk or traveling the road less traveled.
    The goal is to be in the (middle) of the pack as opposed to leading the pack taking on the slings of arrows or being in the back of the pack feasting on scraps left behind by the others.
    Going unnoticed or tip toeing through life is their dream come true!
    The older or more secure one is the less open they are to taking risk. When they didn't have a family they played it safe and once they had one they played it safer. Fear of the unknown and uncertainty stresses them out.
    It's no wonder why politicians seeking office are fond of saying; "Lets take this country (back)" or "Make America great (again)".
    The past is a pair of very worn slippers that brings to mind comfort. The future is scary and racked with unknowns where anything can happen or go wrong. If possible they'd like to freeze time.
    Some people with short-term memory believe the 1960s were better than today. The 60s was probably one of the most turbulent decades with the Vietnam war, social changes, hippie culture, drugs, riots, and multiple assassinations of key leaders. Even having gone through all of that it's less scary than what tomorrow promises for a lot of folks. They survived the past which makes it comforting.
    Fear hates all forms of change!

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    m abdullah javedposted 2 years ago

    Fear with a definite purpose and sound reasoning has always been advantageous. Fear of getting late to job will never let a careless sleep. Fear of getting children astray will protect them with our utmost care. Fear of failure will motivate to work hard.
    Fear keeps people comfortable.... means it imbibed in their minds that being just and doing justly is key to its achievement. Fear keeps people secure.... in the sense it sets hearts and minds free from unwarranted reservations. Fear keeps people safe ... as it instill a kind of solace that the efforts bonded with fear will never put anyone down. This fear has to be the fear of God not of any insecure thing. Since the expanse of fear shows a spectrum of benefits so it has to be of the God Whose Authority and Power is more expanse than what is being experienced.