After you have searched and settled upon your belief, how do you know if it is w

  1. Aliswell profile image60
    Aliswellposted 2 years ago

    After you have searched and settled upon your belief, how do you know if it is working for you?

    How important is the first step of searching the myriad of "I am the Way" gurus, teachers, preachers, and pay for view seminars---in finding a 'make sense' moment to your inner gut feeling?
    Should one use a gut feeling sense or are logical common sense practicalities with society based normalcy, a more appropriate way to take the plunge?
    After settling on your own personal self fulfilling choice of a belief system, how then will you quantify: 1) How you are judging results from believing and 2). How you can change things if said system isn't working for you???

  2. ValKaras profile image86
    ValKarasposted 2 years ago

    There are some unmistakeably telling indications of your belief producing positive results. You feel better, you are healthier, people respond better to you, your life works.
    No gurus and inspirational speakers can do what you are supposed to do. You know the saying: "We can bring horse to water but we can't make him drink". In most of the cases, it's not so much about what "new" we are doing, but what "old" we stop doing. Our minds are relatively smart, and our bodies know exactly what to do to repair themselves  -  so it must be our attitudes, impatience, living in the past, grudges, criticism, bad stress management, lack of self-love...that stand in their way.

    Nature is forcing us to sleep every night  -  not without a reason  -  so that we get out of the way while it's repairing what we have messed up. Why meditators need less sleep than others? Because during meditation we go through an intensive process of recuperation and harmonizing.

    I have seen more folks than I care to remember who were TRYING to find peace, harmony, whatever  -  but they were just TRYING, going from one teacher to another, one diet to another, not "meaning business".

    There is this story about a young monk who complained to his master about all teachings being ineffective in his attempts to change. The master took him to the river and asked him to step in. Then he dipped the monk's head in the water, and forced it in there for a while, until the monk started showing signs of an agony.

    Then he pulled him out and asked him: "Do you have your answer?"
    "Yes, master", said the monk gasping for air  -  "when I want to change so badly as I wanted to breathe, then change will come".

    Do you need another dip, Allen, my friend?

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    m abdullah javedposted 2 years ago

    Hi Aliswell! There can be one reliable indication that oozes out of emotions and feelings. It is about the credibility of the belief and the changes that it causes in person's individual and collective lives.
    As far the truth of belief, one should feel proximity with the God and should develop a positive attitude towards His wish, will and authority. "He is mine"  kind of thinking should be a proud possession.
    As far changes in individual and collective lives, one should see the positive indications in the self and the world around. Being a good human, good son, a husband, a father and a neighbor tells it all, if it is coupled with good families and societies then for sure you are on the beneficial path of the belief that you are following.