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What are your questions about Pregnancy and Labor?

  1. aDayInMyLife1 profile image90
    aDayInMyLife1posted 2 years ago

    What are your questions about Pregnancy and Labor?

    Being pregnant is a pivotal and life changing event in a womans life. If you could pick the brain of your OB, Midwife or Labor Nurse; what would your top quedtions be?

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    Amanda108posted 2 years ago

    My question would be: what questions *should* I be asking? If I were pregnant with my first child (I'm not, but I think ahead to that point in the future a lot these days), where should I start to find comprehensive and reliable information that covers many topics including stuff I might not think to directly ask about? Or put a different way, maybe there are pregnancy-related issues I've never even heard about and therefore it doesn't occur to me to be careful or ask for confirmation or to expect them - what then are the OB/midwife/nurse's recommended pregnancy books, sites, questions *they* wish women would ask them?

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    Michaela Osieckiposted 2 years ago

    "Is there an actual phobia about being pregnant, what would it be called, and how would a physician suggest treating it?"

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      aDayInMyLife1posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Tokophobia is the fear of pregnancy and childbirth. It sometimes comes from PTSD, an underlying anxiety disorder, or another unknown cause. See a therapist and get to the bottom of it. You are not alone. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokophobia

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    aDayInMyLife1posted 2 years ago

    Great response Amanda108! It is impoortant to understand precautions that should be taken when planning a pregnancy. Optimally, you should have healthy eating and excersize habbits, take multivitamins and extra folic acid, and get your weight within the recommended range for your height. (Not to say that these are a must or that anything bad will happen if you don't do these things, but if you are planning, why not get off to the best start.) Have conversations with your spouse about parenting style, goals and plans on things like circumcision, and vaccines. Get prenatal care regularly and early on. Don't read about every possible thing that can and may go wrong... relax and enjoy your pregnancy. As things come along you can ask your provider. Do decide on what type of provider you want Doctor or Midwife and what setting you would like to deliver in Home, hospital, birthing center... As for Books, I like: Common Sense Pregnancy, Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, and The Healthy Pregnancy Book. Try these for starters. Also read my hub:
    http://hubpages.com/health/Pregnancy-Ch … or-Midwife