When will people stop worshipping & living vicariously through more famous/power

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 24 months ago

    When will people stop worshipping & living vicariously through more famous/powerful people,

    realizing that it is THEY who make such people powerful & famous?  When will people realize that they are powerful & worthwhile & start acting hence living as powerful & worthwhile people?


  2. cobrien profile image78
    cobrienposted 24 months ago

    Seriously? I think the problem is a combination of low self esteem and boredom. Children are no longer taught to entertain themselves and grow up to be adults who are used to being entertained. Many people are unable to think for themselves. Nobody builds things, creates things, plays sports, or pursues musical, artistic, or dramatic entertainments that work the mind. Worshiping and living vicariously through other people is the laziest way to entertain ourselves. We are a lazy society now.
    And you make another good point. The average person doesn't see their importance in society. That's the reason I feel low self esteem comes in. People just don't realize how the are able to effect others and society as a whole. People no longer have faith in themselves because we live in a society that encourages something impossible to achieve:perfection.

  3. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 24 months ago


    People have always looked up to others for inspiration and motivation. Even those who have obtained fame and fortune admired others early on before they "arrived".
    Just knowing someone else has accomplished (their) dream makes them believe it's possible that they too can breakthrough.
    Having said that there are millions of people who aren't pursing any worthwhile goals and get their delight from watching their favorite celebrities collect awards, accolades, amass wealth, fall in and out of love....etc
    They take pride in knowing the most about the least known facts about their idols. It's been said the word "fan" is short for (fanatical).
    Can "stalker" be far behind? smile