What are the myriad ways that one's socioeconomic class in the United States det

  1. gmwilliams profile image81
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What are the myriad ways that one's socioeconomic class in the United States determine if h/she

    will be respected/disrespected, his/her treatment, his/her quality of education/health care/nutrition/ housing, the highest educational level h/she will attain, what socioeconomic avenues will be opened/closed to him/her, & the overall quality of his/her life & old age?


  2. Michael Tu profile image81
    Michael Tuposted 2 years ago

    It all depends on the person and the circumstances. Although it is true that the reality of the American education system is the best teachers are going to work at the wealthier school districts. Many people who are passionate about getting an education will use means outside of the their school to pursue learning. This has become much more evident with the invention of the internet, adults and children alike can use resources like online courses and instructional videos provided by CrashCourse, Khanacademy, and online textbook and reference resources to overcome the problem of bad teachers. This is also true in society as a whole, people can respect someone who is willing to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps if given the chance. Many of the American icons are self made men and women who didn't come from very affluent backgrounds. Some sects of society may only include those who are born very rich and powerful, but those groups shouldn't be the standard you shoot for. You are most healthy and active when surrounded by people who share an interest and a drive in what they do, not just inherit a fortune from someone who did. In the end it is all about you and what you are willing to do.

  3. gmwilliams profile image81
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    In the United States, one's socioeconomic class is a very strong determinant as to whether h/she will be respected, the quality of education & health care received, where h/she will live, & the overall quality of life.  It is well documented that the level of one's socioeconomic wealth is correlated to the quality of life.  The higher the wealth, the higher quality of life.  Descending wealth strictly corresponds to the descending quality of life.  Wealthy people have an excellent quality of life, middle class people have a middling quality of life, & poor people have an abysmal quality of life. 

    Wealthy people can live in the choicest neighborhoods.  They also have the choicest quality of education for their children, superb health/medical care, & superior quality food.  They also have avenues opened to them & their children in terms of jobs & education which are closed to other socioeconomic classes of people.  They have access to networks & societies that aren't accessible to the middle class & especially the poor.

    Wealthy children have opportunities to attain the highest levels of education possible. Middle class children can attain high educational levels but not w/ the ease that wealthy children can.  However, it is  next to impossible for poor children to attain high education levels. If a poor child completes secondary education, h/she is extremely lucky.

    Wealthy people can travel anywhere in the world that h/she desires.  Middle class people have to travel w/n his/her designated budget while it is impossible for poor people to travel because such is prohibitively expensive for them.   In old age, wealthy people have the means to delay, even retard aging by having cutting edge medical treatments.  Middle class & especially poor people don't have this medical access which explains the youthfulness of wealthy people which bely their actual ages. 

    Wealthy people have an excellent quality of old age.  They have caretakers who will give them the best of care.  They have the means to be cared for in their homes.  They don't have to suffer nursing homes like the middle class & poor who oftentimes don't have the monies for caretakers.  In old age, many middle class & poor old people become poorer & have to live on a fraction of their former salaries in contrast to raising living conditions.


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