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What do you find helps you cope with mental health issues like depression or anx

  1. NewLifeOutlook profile image64
    NewLifeOutlookposted 20 months ago

    What do you find helps you cope with mental health issues like depression or anxiety?


  2. jackclee lm profile image80
    jackclee lmposted 20 months ago

    Prayer and meditation should help. Try the Serenity Prayer.

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      jackclee lmposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Also, I came across this service video recently from Pastor Rick Warren Saddleback church. Is is an uplifting message.
      http://saddleback.com/watch/media/when- … -shaken-up
      Good luck!

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    Cissy1946posted 20 months ago

    I find ice cream a great soother for just about all occasions. This isn't a joke. When I was the caregiver for my sister as she was dying I started having some real issues with both depression and anxiety. I'm not fond of medications and flatly refuse to take a lot of them so I had to find another way and it turned out to be ice cream. At first it was the daily dish then as things got worse I was having a dish two or three times a day. By the end I was grabbing a spoonful every hour or so. Sounds stupid, but it helped. When everything was over ice cream took it's regular place in my life, which was the occasional dish or cone. There were no side effects, no withdrawal symptoms, and no compromising of my body chemistry. So I stand by ice cream. My choice was Bryers Mint Chocolate Chip. One side effect. That was 1989 and I haven't had any Bryers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream since.

  4. pattyfloren profile image79
    pattyflorenposted 20 months ago

    That's a good question.  Especially since one finds giving out advice is health for your bones.  When going through something that shouldn't be so depressing or anxious, I fear I might do or say something that I told someone else not to do.  Oh, the trials and tribulations I go through as I am going through now.  I think what I like to do to get out of that state of mind is meditate.  I listen to music that helps me concentrate so that I can make better decisions or see the crux of the matter.  This makes me feel better once I make a decision and then stick with it.  Us people have to stay together and believe in ourselves right?

  5. Becky Callahan profile image89
    Becky Callahanposted 20 months ago

    Regular cardio exercise helps tremendously with my anxiety. It helps me to feel stronger, more confident and more in control of my emotions.

  6. AndreaRelli1111 profile image80
    AndreaRelli1111posted 20 months ago

    The practice of Meditation really helps me a great deal especially if I am consistent. I meditate at least once a day everyday and it has changed my life. Prayer also helps. i feel that prayer and meditation go hand and hand. Prayer is talking to God while Meditation is listening for God to give you divine guidance.

  7. Brynn Raub profile image61
    Brynn Raubposted 20 months ago

    I've struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember.  I used to go to a therapist and the doctors put me on medicine.  Both helped, but it still never completely goes away.  With anxiety/depression I feel like you need to figure out what is causing it.  If you find out that someone or something you know you can avoid it, but in some people (like me) nothing specific causes it.  It is just the chemical inbalance in my brain.  If you are like me to help relieve it you need to figure out coping mechanisms that work for you.  For me exercise and writing is how I deal with my anxiety.  That might work for you, but if not some ways could be by listening to music, talking about it, etc..  You can also question  yourself when those thoughts are racing through your head.  Ask yourself is their really a reason why you should be upset or worried?  Anxiety and Depression don't just go awat.  It takes a lot of work from you and sometimes that just isn't enough.  In that case I would suggest going to a doctor.They have medication that can help balance you.  I personally believe you need a combination of both to make a positive change in your life.