In your opinion which is the difference between success and failure?

  1. Youperfect profile image61
    Youperfectposted 18 months ago

    In your opinion which is the difference between success and failure?

    The infographic below is a part of the idea that I have of the gap between success and failure, but I would like to know other people's opinion!

  2. V Greenfield profile image77
    V Greenfieldposted 18 months ago

    I think success and failure are different on an individual basis. Someone may feel successful as a cashier, while another person may want more and being a cashier would make them feel like a failure.

  3. threekeys profile image81
    threekeysposted 18 months ago

    To me it depends on our personal set of values versus society's set of values/expectations. There could be two different sets of values occurring simultaneously. You've also got to ask yourself if these two sets of values share aspects of similarity or difference?

    And it happens, for whatever reason, that some people just do not get the same amount or breadth of opportunities as others. This affects what they can do or can't do. So the definition of success has to be redefined to make things acceptable or okay. From this though there arises the groups of  majority versus the minority within society.

    But I feel we are calling out this 21st century for success to be determined by the quality of our relationships and seeing everyone more like brothers and sisters. 

    Success may be redefined in how tactful or diplomatic we can be on the whole instead of leading with the full scope of the self centeredness of "I" and in a destructive way. I mean don't get me wrong we all have to be a little self centered in order to make our life work in order to survive.  But I feel there is a hidden desire to make life more harmonious and aesthetic. That's my simple take at the moment.