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Why can't we prevent more teenage suicides?

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    Catsa Malikiposted 14 months ago

    Why can't we prevent more teenage suicides?

    People need to open their minds and hearts to suicidal teens. The subject is taboo and because of that, we turn a blind eye to it. We pretend it's not there. And that denial is part of the reason why there are so many suicides. If we could just open up to the subject, educate ourselves and understand what these teens are going through, maybe, just maybe, we could help them. Maybe we could prevent hundreds of unnecessary deaths. Of people dying much  too young.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 14 months ago

    1. The odds of suicide by a teen are higher if they come from fatherless homes, and illegitimacy rates are going up. We don't want to talk about the negative impact of the breakdown of the family on children and focus on liberation of women or how bad men are instead.
    2. By letting kids focus on social media that falsely portrays how much happier everyone else is and chasing attention and likes versus meaningful friendships, teens don't learn how to create the deep connections that give them stability. When they then get publicly shamed or hate mobbed, it feels like the world hates them, and it is devastating. Some kill themselves.
    3. The current movement to endorse euthanasia certainly lowers the social stigma to suicide and could contribute, too

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 14 months ago

    It doesn't help the suicides by letting in billions of dollars of illegal drugs across the southern US border. That could be a start. Getting the economy going and seeing prosperity in front of the US could give meaning and a goal to those teenagers that just sit idle because they are not working for a goal or to earn a living. The more teenagers that are working the less idle time they have to contemplate their navel. They will have purpose, a reason to live, and they will have purpose, and the means to enjoy life. They should avoid watching the media and listening to the doom and gloom which passes for News today. The PC era of the liberals didn't help them become strong, it just made everyone equally weak. Just a few thoughts.

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      Catsa Malikiposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks, I completely agree with you about the drug issues.

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    mangesh gaikwadposted 14 months ago


    first rule in life

    be like a teen when you are with a teen
    try to make them see the life as positive as you look at the life
    stop them to get involved in bad and negative things in a positive manner